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Walla Walla Community College

Walla Walla Community College is a great place to work.  It is our vision to be the catalyst that transforms our students lives and the communities we serve.  We employ skilled and dedicated faculty and staff who strive to inspire students to discover their potential and to achieve their goals by providing diverse and challenging learning opportunities.  We value Teamwork, Excellence, Health and Humor, Innovation, Diversity, Learning Opportunities, Personal/Professional Growth, Integrity, a Sense of Community, and Sustainability.

Walla Walla Community College supports equal employment and educational opportunities regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, veteran status, or disability in accordance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964; Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972; the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973; the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990; and, any other applicable federal and Washington State laws against discrimination.

WWCC Non-discrimination Statement

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Department Information and Resources

Employment Verification

To request employment verification, please email Human Resources at [email protected]. Please include the employee release of information form.

Holiday Schedule

  • Independence Day (Fourth day of July)
  • Labor Day (First Monday in September)
  • Veterans Day (Eleventh day of November)
  • Thanksgiving Day (Fourth Thursday of November)
  • Native American Heritage Day (Fourth Friday of November)
  • Christmas Day (Twenty-fifth day of December)
  • New Year’s Day (First day of January)
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday (Third Monday of January)
  • President’s Day (Third Monday of February)
  • Memorial Day (Last Monday of May)
  • Juneteenth (Nineteenth of June)

Lactation Room Information

Lactation Room

Options for Lactating Students & Employees

Walla Walla Community College recognizes the breastfeeding needs of new mothers by providing a Lactation Room for students and employees. Numerous studies and healthcare recommendations point to breastfeeding for the promotion of optimal infant health. However, it can be a very difficult process for the postpartum professional or collegiate mother returning to work or school. The Lactation Rooms include a mini-fridge, comfortable seating and side table, sanitary supplies, and electrical outlets for breast-pumps. These secure locations provide students and employees the ability to ease back into work or school without having to sacrifice the healthy practice of expressing milk.

Location of Lactation Rooms

Walla Walla Campus: The Lactation Room is located in the Professional-Technical Building (J), Music room #303C-1. To schedule, call Jessica Johnson at 509-527-4300.

Clarkston Campus:  Contact Chad Miltenberger at 509-758-1711 or Katie Peterson at 509-758-1701.

WSP & CRCC:  Faculty and staff that require use of a lactation room at WSP or CRCC should contact their Corrections Education Dean for the specific location of that room.

Guidelines for Use

The Lactation Room is for use by nursing mothers only and may be used by employees and students.

  • Registration with the appropriate person/department at each site is required for use on an ongoing basis.
  • The Lactation Room is available on a first-come, first-served basis, Monday-Friday, during business hours and as scheduled, though drop-ins are allowed if the room is available. The person whose name appears on the schedule at a designated time has priority use of the room at that scheduled time.
  • If you need to see when the room is available or you would like to be added to the schedule, please contact the appropriate person/department at your location. If you use the Lactation Room, it is your responsibility to keep yourself on schedule and notify the appropriate person at your location of any changes in your schedule and/or discontinued use of the room.
  • Mothers using the space are responsible for providing personal breast pumps and accessories.
  • It is the responsibility of everyone using the Lactation Room to clean up after themselves. This is not only out of respect for the next user, but to prevent contamination and illness transmission. The custodial staff will clean the rooms nightly as part of the regular cleaning schedule.
  • Milk stored in the Lactation Room should be properly labeled with the mother’s name and date, so it is not inadvertently confused with another mother’s milk. Each person is responsible for proper storage of expressed milk. The College will not be responsible for stored milk and milk left in the refrigerator. Any milk not retrieved within three (3) calendar days will be properly discarded.

Other Institutional Support for Employees

Breaks during work hours: The College allows sufficient break time for breastfeeding mothers to express milk at work.  Breastfeeding employees are allowed to breastfeed or express milk during work hours using their normal break and meal times. For time that may be needed beyond the usual break times, employees may use personal leave or may make up the time as negotiated with their supervisor.  Supervisors are encouraged to consider flexible schedules to accommodate an employee’s needs as work demands allow.  Breastfeeding support is provided up to one year after the child’s birth.

Although the Lactation Room is available to employees, an employee may also use their assigned office space if preferred.

For questions or comments, and to schedule use of the room please contact Jessica Johnson at 509.527.4300 or email: [email protected].

Organizational Charts

All organizational charts are available here.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness

To request Public Service Loan Forgiveness, please email Human Resources at [email protected].  Information is available at PSLF Help Tool.

Records Requests

What should my request include?

For us to respond as quickly as possible, please provide as much information about the records as possible. We also need information about how to contact you if we have questions and where to send the records.

  • Contact information (such as name, address, email, telephone)
  • Description/information about the records you’re seeking (such as locations, dates, specific names, subject, etc.)

How long will it take?

We will acknowledge your request within five (5) business days.

If we cannot provide the records within five business days, we may ask additional questions to:

  • Understand exactly what you need, or
  • Provide you with an estimate of the time we need to search for and produce the records.

Can my request be denied?

We carefully evaluate requests for public records to determine if we can legally release the records for the reasons given. If we must deny your request, we will send you an explanation of why the request was denied and list the specific law that exempts the records from disclosure.

How much will it cost?

It all depends. Please review our Fee Schedule for details of charges associated with Records Requests.

How do I submit a request?

You may submit a request for public disclosure of public records by using any of the following methods:

A copy of the policy can be found on our policies and procedures web page and/or at WAC 132T-175.

Title IX Information/Reporting


Walla Walla Community College prohibits discrimination and/harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, perceived or actual physical or mental disability, pregnancy, genetic information, sex (gender), sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, creed, religion, honorably discharged veteran or military status, or use of a trained guide dog or service animal.  Read the full policy on the College Policy and Procedures page (Policy #2410)

Make A Report

If you have been a victim of or witness to acts of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or Title IX-defined acts such as stalking, sexual misconduct, or other unwanted behaviors, you can report these incidences on our Employee Discrimination, Harassment, and Title IX Reporting form.

Title IX Officer

Brooke Marshall
Vice President of Human Resources
Office 64
500 Tausick Way
Walla Walla, WA 99362
509.527.4300 (Office)
509.527.4313 (FAX)
[email protected]

Deputy Title IX Coordinator at Clarkston Campus

Chad Miltenberger
Office 170
1470 Bridge St.
Clarkston , WA 99403
[email protected]


Employee Forms

Staff Inservice

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Human Resources Staff

Brooke Marshall
Vice President of Human Resources
Title IX Coordinator
Section 504 Compliance Officer
[email protected]
509.527.4300 (office)
509.527.4313 (fax)

Jessica Johnson – Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Human Resources
Stephanie Groom – Director of Human Resources
Gail Bellmore – Human Resource Consultant 4
Nereida Garcia – Human Resource Consultant 3
Cris Benson – Human Resource Consultant 2
Sarah Aschenbrenner – Human Resource Consultant Assistant 2