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Walla Walla Community College

How to Apply

Ready to get started? Complete the online application. Step-by-step instructions are below. Our friendly staff are here to help.

International students, please apply here.

1. Create Your Account

Visit the Online Admissions Application and click “Create an account” to get started. Create a Username and Password, and complete all remaining required fields.

Be sure you keep your username and password in case you need to complete your application at a later time.

Online Admissions Application


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2. Start the Application

Log into the Online Admission Application using the username and password you just created.

Select Walla Walla Community College from the College dropdown menu.

3. Select Student Type

Select your student type using the “I will be enrolling as a…” dropdown menu:

  • First Year: First time applying to WWCC, and not a Running Start student.
  • Reapplying: Former WWCC students who’ve not enrolled for one or more years must reapply.
  • Running Start: High school juniors and seniors earning college credit.
  • Transferring: Transferring to WWCC from another institution.
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4. Select Your Program of Study

Select your program of study. If you’re not sure, you can pick the best fit and update it later when you meet with your advisor.

  • Academic: You are pursuing an AAS or AA-DTA Transfer degree, or taking classes to transfer to a 4-year institution.
  • Baccalaureate: You have already earned an AA/AAS degree and want to apply for one of our BAS programs.
  • Non-Award Seeking: You do not plan to get a degree or certificate at WWCC, and are taking classes for personal enrichment or professional development.
  • Professional Technical: You are pursuing a workforce degree or certificate for programs like Business, Computer Technology, Nursing, or Welding.
  • Transitional Studies: You would like to complete your high school diploma/GED, take classes to prepare for college, or develop English language skills.

5. Select Your Degree or Certificate

Select the degree or certificate you’re seeking from the drop-down menu. You’ll see options based on the Program of Study you chose. If you’re not sure, you can pick the best fit and update it later when you meet with your advisor.

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6. Click Apply

By clicking “Apply”, you will be advanced to the remaining steps where you will enter your “Personal Information”.

7. Enter Personal Information

Complete each of the sections under Personal Information. Your social security number is not required, but we encourage you to submit it to speed up processing. The sections are:

  • Personal Information – Please make sure to add a “Home” address to this section.
  • High School Attended – You will also add any college(s) attended in this section.
  • Ethnicity Information
  • Residency – Learn more about Residency here.
  • Supplemental Questions
  • Review and Submit
accepted email (decorative)

8. Review and Submit

Review all of your responses and make sure the information is accurate. Once you’re satisfied that your answers are true and accurate to the best of your ability, click “Yes I accept”, then click “Submit Now”.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the Online Admissions Application. You’ll receive an application confirmation email from [email protected] to the preferred email address you provided in your application. Your WWCC acceptance email should arrive within a week. In your acceptance email, you will find your ctcLink ID and instructions of your next steps to become a WWCC student.

After the Application: Next Steps

  • Have you completed your FAFSA??  If not, be sure to submit right away!
  • Activate your accounts: Once you receive your acceptance email with your ctcLink ID number, activate your ctcLink ID and WWCC NetID accounts. These accounts grant you access to essential college resources and online tools.
  • Plan Your Finances: Develop a funding plan for tuition, books, and tools (if needed for your program). Explore Financial Aid, scholarships, flexible payment plans, and other financial services available.
  • Complete Placement: Placement ensures you start at the right level in your courses. If you can, try to wrap up placement before meeting with your advisor or attending new student orientation. It’s an essential step for registering in certain classes.
  • Sign Up for New Student Orientation: Orientation helps you get off to a great start and feel comfortable at WWCC.
  • Meet with an Advisor/Navigator: At WWCC, we believe in giving you the best start possible. That’s why we require meeting with an advisor before registering for classes. We’ll help you create a customized education plan that sets you on the path to success.
  • Register for Classes!