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Walla Walla Community College


You’ve been working hard. Now it’s almost time to celebrate! There are just a few things to do before you can graduate. Here’s how to receive your diploma and participate in commencement.

Apply for Your Degree

This is how you can receive a diploma and make sure your certificate/degree appears on your official transcript.

Attend Commencement

This is the cap-and-gown ceremony where you can walk with your classmates and celebrate your achievements.

Graduating students in cap and gown

Apply for Your Degree

In order to receive a diploma and record your degree/certificate on your transcript, you must apply for graduation — even if you don’t plan to walk at the Commencement Ceremony. Here’s how.

How do I apply?

Step 1. Apply for your degree:

  • Log in to your ctcLink account with your ID and password.
  • In the sidebar, go to “Academics,” then “Apply for/View Graduation.”
  • Under “Program,” click the arrow next to your program name to expand it. Check that your program and degree information is correct. If it looks good, click “Apply for Graduation.” If not, reach out to your advisor.
  • On the next page, make sure the correct program is selected. Under “Term,” choose the term in which you will complete your degree. (This is the last quarter you’ll be taking classes for your degree.) Then click “Apply.” If the term you’re looking for isn’t in the list, reach out to your advisor.
  • When done, under “Status,” you should see “Graduation application received.”

Step 2. Confirm your name and address.

  • In the sidebar, go to “My Profile,” then “Biographical Information.”
  • If you don’t have a “degree name” listed, click on “Add Name,” then “Degree.”
  • Type your name exactly how you want it to appear on your diploma. Then click “Save.”
  • Next click on “Contact Info” and check your mailing address.
  • If you don’t have a “mailing address” listed, go to “Add Address,” then “Mailing.”
  • Type in the address where you want your diploma to be sent. Then click “Save.”

Step 3. Watch for updates.

  • After your final quarter, it may take six to eight weeks for your degree to be posted to your transcript.
  • To check for updates, go to the same place you applied for your degree. Under “Status,” you’ll see “This degree has been awarded” once the degree has posted to your transcript.

Need help applying?

Why do I need to apply?

The application is our way of checking:

  • That you are on track to complete your degree/certificate requirements.
  • Which degree(s) or certificate(s) you are completing.
  • The name you would like printed on your diploma.
  • The mailing address where you want to receive your diploma.

When should I apply?

You can apply for your degree as soon as you are within 20 credits of completing your degree/certificate. If you plan to walk in the June Commencement Ceremony, you must be within 10 credits of completing your degree/certificate by the end of Spring Quarter.

When applying, be sure to choose the correct term you will actually complete your degree. Applying too early can create errors in the system and can cause financial aid complications.

Please note: If you want your name to appear in the Commencement Ceremony program, you must apply for your degree no later than May 8.

What if I’m not sure how many credits I still need?

Talk with your advisor. They can help you check how many credits you have left before you can graduate.

When will I receive my diploma?

Eight to 10 weeks after the end of your last quarter. After grades are posted, the Office of Admissions and Records will confirm that you’ve completed your degree/certificate. Then the Evaluations Office will mail your diploma to you.

Log into your ctcLink account to look for updates on the status of your degree.



WWCC holds Commencement Ceremonies on our Walla Walla and Clarkston campuses, as well as a special celebration for all our Latino/Hispanic graduates.


image of Latino Graduates at WWCC

Nuestra Celebración de Graduación

Join family, friends and faculty as we celebrate WWCC’s Latino/Hispanic graduates and their accomplishments.

June 6, 2024

6 p.m.

Titus Creek Bistro

Image of Clarkston Graduates

Clarkston Campus Commencement Ceremony

Join us as we congratulate the Class of 2024 on WWCC’s Clarkston Campus.

June 7, 2024

Commencement: 4 p.m. (outside)

Nurse Pinning: 5:30 p.m. (outside)

Clarkston Campus

230610_2023_Commencement__smiling girl

Walla Walla Campus Commencement Ceremony

Join us as we congratulate the Class of 2024 on WWCC’s Walla Walla Campus.

June 8, 2024

Commencement: 10 a.m. (outside)

Nurse Pinning: 2 p.m. (inside)

Dietrich Dome

Do I have to walk in order to graduate?

No. Commencement is optional.

Who can walk with the Class of 2024?

You can walk with the Class of 2024 if you completed or will complete your degree in Fall 2023, Winter 2024, Spring 2024 or Summer 2024. In order to walk, you must be within 10 credits of completing your degree by the end of Spring Quarter.

Please note: If you are completing your degree in Fall 2024, you will be eligible to participate in the June 2025 graduation ceremony.

How do I sign up to participate in the Commencement Ceremony?

Once you’ve applied for your diploma, you’ll get an email (sent to your preferred email as listed in ctcLink) asking if you want to participate in the Commencement Ceremony. Check your email after April 12 for this message. That email will include a link to sign up and the link will be made available here at that time.  Signing up to participate in the Commencement Ceremony is NOT the same as applying for your completed degree in ctcLink.  For those wanting their degree posted on their transcript AND to participate in the Commencement Ceremony, you’ll need to submit both.

Note: If you want your name to appear in the Commencement Ceremony program, you must apply for your completed degree in ctcLink no later than May 10.

You can register for Nuestra Celebración de Graduación here after April 12th.

Check back later. Be sure to sign up no later than May 10.

Can I attend both Nuestra Celebración and the Commencement Ceremony?

Absolutely! We hope to see you at both. Be sure to register for each event separately.

Will I receive my diploma during the ceremony?

No. Walking at commencement doesn’t mean you’ve completed your degree/certificate. It’s a celebration of those who are close to doing so. To receive your diploma, see Apply for Your Degree above.