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Walla Walla Community College

Faculty and Staff Resources at WWCC

As a member of the faculty and staff, you’re an essential element of the WWCC community. Tap into the many employee resources available to you to build a successful career and enable our students to discover their potential.

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Human Resources

Access HR policies and benefits information and explore new job opportunities as you continue building a career at WWCC.



Annual Reporting (STEPS)

WWCC’s Standardized Evaluation of Programs and Services (STEPS) provides a framework to evaluate the contributions of all programs and services at the college towards student success.  STEPS informs meaningful change by identifying needs, setting priorities, and facilitating continuous improvement in alignment with the college’s vision, mission, and strategic goals. 

All programs (both instructional and non-instructional) submit a STEPS report each year by the first Monday in February. Functional unit leaders should check with their division leadership to determine who will report.  

Download the STEPS Guidebook and report template. Complete the form in Word, save it as a PDF renamed with your program name as described in the Guidebook, and upload via the Upload Portal.  

WWCC Institutional Research & Effectiveness (IRE) and the Center for Integrated Learning (CIL) are available to provide support for STEPS reporters and will provide workshops and individual consultations as needed. Reporters should also work closely with their respective vice presidents and other division leaders.  

STEPS Enrollment Dashboard and Video Help – Login Required

Faculty Evaluations

The faculty evaluation process shall be for the purpose of improving instructional effectiveness, student learning, encouraging and supporting professional development, and providing information necessary for personnel decisions.  The evaluation process is described in full in the AHE contract in Article 32.

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