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Walla Walla Community College
  • WHEREAS, Walla Walla Community College (WWCC) represents a community of people of diverse cultures, ages, sexual orientation, races, religions, abilities, ethnicities, and nationalities working and learning in an atmosphere of intellectual freedom and mutual respect; and
  • WHEREAS, WWCC remains committed to diversity in its students and employees that reflects the diversity of our communities; and
  • WHEREAS, WWCC is committed to offering courses and campus-wide activities that are inclusive and is committed to offering a diversity of perspectives and support for individual and cultural differences; and
  • WHEREAS, WWCC is committed to creating an educational environment that is welcoming to and encouraging of all students and community members; and
  • WHEREAS, WWCC is committed to helping students achieve their educational goals; and
  • WHEREAS, WWCC believes in the importance of providing role models among our employees that reflect the diversity of the community; and
  • WHEREAS, WWCC is committed to the vision of inclusiveness of all people in a climate of equality; and
  • WHEREAS, WWCC has no tolerance for discrimination or harassment; now
  • THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that WWCC reaffirms its commitment to initiatives that increase diversity and reflect the communities we serve; and
  • BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, that WWCC strongly encourages all members of the college community to oppose acts of discriminatory behavior; and
  • BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, that WWCC encourages its employees and students actively to promote, develop, and value diversity on campus and in the community.College Mission, Vision, and Values