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Walla Walla Community College

Emergency Operations Plans

WWCC plans, prepares and trains for a wide variety of emergency events that could occur at any college location or facility. As part of that continuing process, WWCC developed Emergency Actions Plans for Clarkston Campus and Walla Walla Campus that address hazardous materials release, fires, earthquakes, volcanic eruption, bomb threats, terrorism or violent intruders, armed intruders or active shooters, civil disturbance, snow, flooding, power failure and medical emergency.


WWCC Alerts

Walla Walla Community College uses an automated system to send current students and employees emergency alerts related to safety, security and weather. Alerts can be sent via email, phone calls, and text messaging. To ensure timely notification in an emergency, please ensure that your contact information is up to date in ctcLink.

Continuity of Operations Plans

Continuity of Operations is defined as the identification of essential functions and how to continue those functions during a wide range of hazard and emergency situations and events. WWCC is currently developing continuity of operations plans for Clarkston Campus and Walla Walla Campus.


Status of Operations

WWCC’s president or his or her designee is the only college official with authority to suspend operations or cancel classes. In the event of severe weather conditions, natural disasters or other significant emergency events, the president or his or her designee will determine if a change in status of operations is required and that information will be disseminated to all faculty, staff and students.