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Walla Walla Community College


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Coming Soon!

Goals for 23-24

  1. Facilitate the budget development process and make recommendations for the development of a strategic and sustainable college budget. 
  2. Identify new resources/recommend efficiencies. 
  3. Ensure that the College’s budget development process complies with accreditation standards: 
    • Budget allocation recommendations are supported by Program Review 
    • Resources are aligned with the College’s strategic goals and the President’s priorities. 
    • Establish annual Council goals. 
    • Complete annual self-evaluation as a Council at the end of the year. 

Council Chair:

  • Lori Peterson (operating budget) and Rachel Warren (grant & contract budgets) 
  • Executive Sponsor: Pat Sisneros, VP of Admin Services 
  • Administrative Support: Morgan Sandvick 


  • KT Peterson, Classified Representative, Clarkston Campus 
  • David Johnson, Classified Representative, Admin Services
  • Michael Boogaard, Exempt Representative, Facility Services
  • Magdalena Moulton, Exempt Representative, Student Services
  • Lori Loseth, Faculty Representative, Academic Transfer 
  • Tyler Cox, Faculty Representative, Workforce Transfer and Trades 
  • Chad Miltenberger, Exempt Representative, S&A Budgets 
  • SGA President, Charles Boykins, Student Representative

Ex Officio AND non-voting Members

  • Vacant – Director of DEIB, President’s Office
  • Ex Officio AND non-voting, Human Resources
  • Luke Fidge/Mike Stocke, Information Technology