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Walla Walla Community College

Why Choose WWCC for Humanities?

With the Humanities, you get to explore human culture. Your classes will cover topics like art, literature, philosophy, religion, music, theater, film and architecture from all around the globe. You’ll look at the role they play both in history and in the modern world. The Humanities help us know ourselves—and others—better. If you want a life filled with creativity, culture and thought, start here.

Careers in Humanities

Explore the Human Experience

Want a versatile set of skills that can take your career in many different directions? A Humanities degree can be a good choice. Your career options will be wide-ranging. Graduates are good writers and problem solvers. They connect easily across cultures. And they bring creative solutions to the table.

You might find yourself teaching music or working in a museum. You could go into advertising or journalism. Or you might become a librarian, professor, lawyer or translator. A Humanities degree can be the first step to any number of rewarding careers.

Certificates & Degrees in Humanities

Your two years at WWCC will give you a strong start on a bachelor’s degree at a four-year college. If you’re unsure of your future major, getting your associate degree in Humanities can give you lots of options when you transfer as a junior.

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Humanities Program Details

Program Outcomes

  • Critique culturally diverse works in art, literature, music, and architecture.
  • Identify the major characteristics of the era and connect them to western culture today.
  • Competently employ creativity, discipline, and technique in the production of assigned class projects.
  • Analyze these eras critically by presenting opinions and responses to reading/viewing through use of textual evidence and other rhetorical devices.

Scholarship Opportunities

At WWCC, we’ll help you find scholarships that may be open to you. Scholarships provide money for school that you don’t have to pay back. They can be used for things like tuition, books, tools and fees. They come from sources like the WWCC Foundation, local businesses and private funds. Some

WWCC programs also have scholarships for students working toward a certain certificate or degree. You might qualify based on good grades, financial need or the potential to benefit from school. The bottom line: You have options. We’ll help you explore them at WWCC.

Paying for Your Degree

There are lots of ways to pay for college. We will work with you to find the right mix of support so that you can go after your dreams. Talk with us to learn more about:

  • Work study — work part-time on campus while you earn your degree.
  • Emergency funds — for students who are struggling to make ends meet.

You can go to college. Start exploring your options today.

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