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Walla Walla Community College

Study Arts, Humanities, and Communications

On this pathway, you’ll study the art, language, literature, and ideas of both ancient and modern cultures. You’ll learn to express your own creativity and connect with the works of others.

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Industry Outlook: Arts, Humanities, and Communications

Many industries need people who can connect across cultures and bring creative ideas to the table. With the communication and critical thinking skills you learn here, you’ll find opportunities in fields like education, the arts, public relations, journalism and more.

Popular Arts, Humanities, and Communications Careers

The Art, Humanities and Communications pathway can prepare you for many creative and fulfilling jobs. With the versatile skills you learn here, you’ll also be able to pursue freelance work, niche careers or roles that combine different skill sets.

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Needing to complete a high school diploma or GED?

Check out the opportunities with our Transitional Studies Department.