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Walla Walla Community College


An aligned and efficient enrollment strategy that moves students successfully toward their goals


To strategically guide Walla Walla Community College’s enrollment pipeline efforts and planning using research and data, and alignment with the college’s Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) plan and the Academic Master Plan.

Strategic Enrollment Leadership Council Charge

The Council (SELC) is charged with developing and aligning the enrollment strategies with the mission, values, and goals of the college.  The Council develops and maintains a dynamic Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Plan that utilizes best practices, market research, and institutional data to identify recruitment and retention strategies that adapt to changing environmental factors.  The SEM Plan complements the Academic Master Plan and informs the facility and technology master plans.

Goals for 23-24

  • Align SEM plan with new strategic plan
  • Disseminate SEM plan widely to integrate SEM work in department work plans
  • Create monitoring dashboards and progress reports
  • Establish calendar of topics for SELC review
  • Continue building out SEM infrastructure across functional areas

Council Chair

Lisa Chamberlin – Dean of Enrollment Strategies


  • Graydon Stanley – VP of Student Services (Executive Sponsor)
  • Nick Velluzzi – VP of Enrollment Services and Inst. Effectiveness
  • Melissa Rodriguez– Director of Outreach
  • Christy Doyle – Dean of Access and Opportunity
  • Sam Robinson – Dean of Arts and Sciences
  • Tessa Kimball – Asst. Dean of Enrollment Services
  • Lori Peterson – Director of Financial Reporting and Budget
  • Joshua Slepin – Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness


SELC utilizes a 12 month standing agenda:

September Fall Conference updates, introductions, dashboard review, Fall Enrollment progress
October Update SEM plan dashboard.  Orientation Report
November Review tactical plans with SEM Committees for updates/progress.  Outreach Report.
December Review student onboarding processes, Winter enrollment progress
January Projection for FY Budgeting. Begin collecting academic program changes/initiatives which have enrollment impact.  Quarterly Efficiency Analysis
February Review Summer/Fall enrollment, success, and retention data, Review academic changes – set forecast number. Review tactic dashboard with SEM Committees
March Scheduling efficiencies – Report on progress toward annual/two year scheduling, overall processes, and what’s in development
April Review Winter enrollment, success, and retention data, Quarterly Efficiency Analysis.  Review tactic dashboard with SEM Committees
May CRM/Marketing Report – Set Enrollment targets for next year
June Reports on enrollment impacts of Athletics, Running Start, BAS, and Warrior Pledge
July Reflect on previous year, KEI’s, and big data dive (goals, successes, and pinch points) – Review and revise SEM Goals and Strategies (if needed) based on data and reviews and Strategic plan.  Spring Enrollment, Success, and Retention data
August Review completion processes end-to-end (Certificates, 1 & 2 year degrees, etc). Review and revise tactics with committees