Walla Walla Community College is developing a new strategic plan that will help guide our efforts over the next few years. Our goal is to identify and act upon both our strengths and our challenges.

Our approach to strategic planning is to apply an equity lens to all that we do. We ask ourselves continually whether we are meeting the needs of everyone we serve. Do all potential students have access to the College? Do all students have adequate support as they work towards their educational goals? Are there individuals or portions of our communities who need extra encouragement to enroll? What knowledge and skills do local employers want our graduates to have as they enter the workforce? What emerging industries or evolving economic sectors can WWCC support? Do all college employees have adequate support to perform their roles effectively and opportunities that allow them to grow professionally?

The materials you’ll find at this site will provide greater insight to the process the college is following. This site contains materials that are being used and developed during the process, including a timeline. It will also show how and where campus and community members can participate in the process.

If you have questions that the process, you can direct them to: