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Walla Walla Community College

Why Choose WWCC for the Intensive English Language Program?

Learning to speak, read and write English with ease can make a U.S. education a reality for international students. Our Intensive English Language Program (IELP) is designed to prepare you for college-level coursework in the U.S. Our classes are small and interactive. We know each student is unique. So we’ll carefully assess your needs and place you in one of six skill-based levels. By the end, you’ll be taking part in real college classes. Most students who complete our program go on to earn a two-year degree at WWCC. Then they transfer to colleges around the U.S. to continue their education. .

Advance Your Career

English Opens Up a World of Careers Options

Coming to the U.S. for college can be an amazing experience. And it can open up job opportunities you might not have at home. In the Intensive English Language Program, you’ll have the chance to meet and study with people from all over the world. Once you’ve completed the IELP, you can go on to get specialized career training you can take back home with you — or into the U.S. or international job markets.

Courses in the Intensive English Language Program

Each level of IELP courses consists of listening/speaking, writing/grammar, reading and e-learning courses. Over time, you’ll become comfortable speaking up in class, having conversations, reading college-level texts and writing papers — all in English! And you’ll be ready to make a smooth transition to college in the U.S.

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