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Walla Walla Community College

Why Choose WWCC for Reading?

If your reading skills are less than perfect, that doesn’t have to hold you back from getting a degree or a job you’ll love. Our Reading Improvement courses can help you become a better reader while you’re earning a certificate or degree. We’ll teach you ways to read faster and understand more of what you read. By the end of the classes, you’ll be ready to tackle college coursework or a new career.

Advance Your Career

Reading Improves Your Job Prospects

Reading is a must-have skill for many jobs. You’ll need it in order search for work and fill out applications. And in the workplace, reading well helps you use computers, follow written instructions, communicate with others and much more. People who read well also tend to earn more than those who don’t. Luckily, reading is a skill that can get better with practice.

Courses in Reading

Our classes will help you become a better reader. You’ll learn to read different types of text. You’ll find out how to spot the central ideas in what you’re reading — and uncover hidden meanings. You’ll explore reading for school, work and pleasure. And you’ll get ready for the demands of college courses.

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