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Walla Walla Community College

Why Choose WWCC for Economics?

Economics is the study of how people make choices — and the impact those choices have on society. How do people manage scarce resources? What do they value? What are they willing to exchange? At WWCC, you’ll approach those questions from a business-focused point of view. You’ll use math to study how people, businesses, and governments decide what to do. And you’ll gain insight into vital business topics like unemployment and inflation. If you love using data to understand how people act and to solve business problems, this program is for you.

Careers in Economics

Econ is Everywhere

Economics can prepare you for many jobs in the business world. You’ll see how markets work. You’ll know how to analyze decisions. And you’ll learn how to forecast business, sales and other trends. Those kinds of skills are useful in almost every industry. Or, if the science side is more your thing, you can pursue an advanced degree. As an economist, you could study how scarcity affects health, crime, education, the environment and much more.

Courses in Economics

In your Econ classes, you’ll study microeconomics (which focuses on individual choices). And you’ll look at macroeconomics (which focuses on large systems). With a mix of math, ag and business courses, you’ll gain a skill set that will help you succeed as a transfer student.

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Economics Program Details

Program Outcomes

  • The ability to analyze past and present society, diverse cultures and histories to better understand individual and group behavior and enhance self-awareness.
  • An understanding and working knowledge of the theories, concepts, ideas, terminology, and factual evidence in selected fields within the social sciences.
  • Sensitivity in understanding diverse views and perspectives.
  • An understanding of the historically and socially constructed nature of human differences.

Scholarship Opportunities

At WWCC, we’ll help you find scholarships that may be open to you. Scholarships provide money for school that you don’t have to pay back. They can be used for things like tuition, books, tools and fees. They come from sources like the WWCC Foundation, local businesses and private funds. Some

WWCC programs also have scholarships for students working toward a certain certificate or degree. You might qualify based on good grades, financial need or the potential to benefit from school. The bottom line: You have options. We’ll help you explore them at WWCC.

Paying for Your Degree

There are lots of ways to pay for college. We will work with you to find the right mix of support so that you can go after your dreams. Talk with us to learn more about:

  • Work study — work part-time on campus while you earn your degree.
  • Emergency funds — for students who are struggling to make ends meet.

You can go to college. Start exploring your options today.

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