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Walla Walla Community College


At WWCC, you can take basic sign language courses that will introduce you to the vocabulary and grammar of American Sign Language (ASL). You’ll learn to chat with deaf or hearing-impaired people and read facial expressions. And you’ll explore the richness of deaf culture. Each course will build on the last, as you make your way through a full year of ASL. This is your chance to connect with friends, co-workers and family members who sign.

Careers in American Sign Language

Boost Your Resume With a Second Language

Fluency in American Sign Language can lead to a job as an interpreter. Plus, it can open up careers in healthcare, education, media and more. And it’s a useful skill to have in any career. Imagine being able to help deaf students, clients or patients in their own language. Learning sign language is also a great way to build a more inclusive workplace. You’ll be able to communicate with deaf co-workers — or with hearing ones in noisy spaces.

Certificates & Degrees in American Sign Language

If you’d like to pursue a job as an ASL interpreter, it can help to get a bachelor’s degree first. At WWCC, you can take your first year of sign language while you complete your general ed courses. Then you can transfer to an American Sign Language or Deaf Studies program.

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