Walla Walla Community College (WWCC) maintains college policies and procedures to ensure compliance and accountability, to establish best practices, to resolve conflict, to promote a productive environment in which to work, and to provide a safe environment in which students can learn and grow.

WWCC follows a prescribed policy development process [link policy process graph – to come later] for establishing College policies which allows for proposals to be vetted by College leadership with input from the College community as appropriate prior to implementation.

Policy Definition

Policies are a set of basic principles to direct and limit actions in pursuit of long-term goals.

Procedure Definition

Procedures describe specific actions to be taken to conform with established College policies.

Financial Operations - 4000

Financial Operations

Accounting (4100)
4100 Cash Management  
4300 Investments  
4310 Use of Debt  
Purchasing (4500)
4500 Procurement Cards Policy  Procurement Cards Procedure
Payroll Operations (4700)
4710 Mandatory Direct Deposit of Wages  

Human Resources - 5000

Human Resources

General (5000)
5000 Affirmative Action-Equal Opportunity Policy  
5010 Nepotism Policy  Nepotism Procedure
Personnel (5100)
5120 Employment Applicant Sexual Misconduct Disclosure Policy  
5130 Employee Affinity Groups Policy Employee Affinity Groups Procedure
Appointment, Advancement, Separation (5200)
5230   Classified Personnel Selection Procedure
5240 Personnel Selection Policy  
5250   Classified Employee Probationary, Trial Service and Transitional Appointments/Reviews Procedure
5260 Part-Time Classified Employees Policy  
Salaries and Benefits (5400)
5410  Healthcare Benefits Enrollment and/or Eligibility Request for Review Policy Healthcare Benefits Enrollment and/or Eligibility Request for Review Procedure
5420 VEBA CTC Medical Benefits Plan Policy VEBA Medical Benefits Plan Procedure
5440 Tuition Payment for WWCC Employees Policy Tuition Payment for WWCC Employees Procedure
5450 Faculty Emeritus Policy Faculty Emeritus Procedure
5460 PEBB Benefits Eligibility Notification Policy PEBB Benefits Eligibility Notification Procedure
Regulations and Standards (5600)
5600 Remote Work Policy  
5605 Reasonable Accommodations Policy Reasonable Accommodations Procedure
5610 Ethics Policy  Ethics Administrative Procedure
5615 Information Technology Professional Structure Inclusion and Evaluation Policy Information Technology Professional Structure Inclusion and Evaluation Procedure
5620 Performance Evaluations Policy Performance Evaluations Procedure
WAC 132T-180
College Professional Negotiations Act  
5640 Title IX Employee Supplemental Disciplinary Hearing Policy  
5645 Drug-Free Workplace and Drug Prevention Program Policy  
5650 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Mandated Alcohol & Controlled Substance Testing Program – CDL Policy Alcohol & Controlled Substance Testing for CDL Drivers Procedure
5655 Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect Policy Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect Procedure
5660 Personal Social Networking Accounts Policy  
5675 Whistleblower Protection  
Leave and Absences (5800)
5800 Hour of Work and Leave Administration (Exempt) Administrative Policy  
5820 Sabbatical Leave for Faculty Policy  
5830 Leave for Part-Time and Student Employees Policy  
5840 Shared Leave Program Policy Uniformed Service Shared Leave Pool Procedure
5850   Family & Medical Leave Act Procedure
5860   Pregnancy Disability and Parental Leave Procedure
5870 Unpaid Leave for Reasons of Faith or Conscience Policy  

Technology Services - 8000

Technology Services