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Walla Walla Community College

Quarterly Advising Updates

Summer and Fall 2024 Updates

Summer & Fall Advising Announcement


Business, Accounting, and Related Instruction Annual Course Schedule

Includes Modalities for each Quarter!



All About Orientation & FYE

New Student Orientation

Orientation sessions are a great opportunity for students to get acquainted with our community, campus, and the wealth of resources at their disposal to be successful in their educational journey. During orientation, students meet with an advisor to help them register for their first quarter at WWCC.

Students with no prior enrollment history will receive communications through the CRM to guide them through the sign-up process. If they miss this messaging, you can also direct them to the sign up form.

First Year Experience

The program offers students a comprehensive first-year experience that empowers them as engaged learners, integrates them into the college community as meaningful participants in campus life, and facilitates their successful transition into future transfer and career pathways.  FYE is a graduation requirement and all students are expected to take and pass it with a C or better within the first or second quarter of attendance. (Full policy here).

There are allowable exceptions to the policy.  Consult the college catalog for the complete list.

Instructor Forms

Instructor Forms

These forms are to be completed by instructors only.  These forms are housed on Smartsheet and login may be required.  Please use the Microsoft Single Sign On and your network credentials when required.