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Walla Walla Community College

Warrior Pledge covers tuition and fees to ensure cost is not a barrier for those seeking career training or a college degree.

August 1 is priority deadline for students wishing to receive assistance this fall


Who is eligible for Warrior Pledge funding?

Students who: 

  1. Have a completed financial aid application on file* (WASFA or FAFSA) by the quarterly deadline
    • August 1 for beginning at WWCC fall quarter
    • December 1 for beginning at WWCC winter quarter
    • March 1 for beginning at WWCC spring quarter
    • June 1 for beginning at WWCC summer quarter
  2. Receive WA College Grant or Pell Grant, if eligible to complete the WASFA or FAFSA
  3. Enroll in a program that is longer than one quarter to complete
  4. Are not attending WWCC on a Visa

*Non-Washington resident students who are not eligible to apply for the FAFSA should submit the Warrior Pledge Special Inquiry Form.


Not you?

Even if you are not eligible for the Warrior Pledge, Walla Walla Community College supports your college ambitions. Find out more by calling WWCC’s Student Success Center to speak with an advisor/navigator: 509. 527.4262

To be automatically considered for the upcoming term:

Step one:

Apply for admission to WWCC.  Everyone who applies to the college is accepted!

Step two:

Complete the financial aid application.

Warrior Pledge
Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an application for Warriors Pledge?

No. Students are automatically considered through completion of their FAFSA or WASFA, but out of state, undocumented students will need to complete the Warrior Pledge Special Inquiry Form to let the college know they are seeking Warrior Pledge funding assistance.

What if I miss the quarterly deadline?

If you do not submit your FAFSA, WASFA or special inquiry form by the quarterly deadline, you will automatically be considered for the next quarter you enroll and have a completed financial aid application or special inquiry form on file.

Do I need to complete the FAFSA, WASFA or special inquiry form quarterly or yearly?

Students need to have a completed FAFSA, WASFA or Warrior Pledge Special Inquiry Form on file for each academic year they plan to attend WWCC and would like to be considered for Warrior Pledge funding assistance.

Does Warrior Pledge cover Bachelor of Applied Science tuition and fees?

Yes, Warrior Pledge funding covers eligible students completing a program that is more than a quarter long. Programs that are not covered include short programs such as CDL, CNA, and Phlebotomy.

Does Warrior Pledge cover books and supplies?

No, Warrior Pledge funds cover tuition and fees for eligible students. Students can use other financial assistance they receive or talk with their advisor/navigator if they have other funding challenges.

Can I receive Warrior Pledge funding each year I’m a student at WWCC?

Yes, students can receive funds each year they meet the four eligibility criteria.