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Walla Walla Community College


Guided Pathways will inspire educational experiences that are equitable, inclusive, and strive to achieve social justice through education and career attainment.



Guided Pathways guides the framework of educational experiences at Walla Walla Community College that areĀ  accessible, equitable and make efficient use of time, effort, and resources to achieve the academic and career attainment goals of the communities we serve.


Goals for 23-24

  • Reimplement a full scale early alert system, utilizing navigation teams and triage meetings.
  • Continue to Integrate pathways and program exploration for new and current students including career information, program outcomes, course recommendations or requirements, and course sequencing.
    • Support the work of COAR and begin the conversation/planning for 2 year academic course planning.
    • Support the work of implementing features of Acalog and Curriculog.
    • Support work of continued website updates with Guided Pathways framework.
  • Work towards mandatory onboarding steps, ie-placement and orientation.


Council Chair for 23-24

Diana Herrmann


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