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Walla Walla Community College


Guided Pathways will inspire educational experiences that are equitable, inclusive, and strive to achieve social justice through education and career attainment.


Guided Pathways guides the framework of educational experiences at Walla Walla Community College that are accessible, equitable and make efficient use of time, effort, and resources to achieve the academic and career attainment goals of the communities we serve.

Goals for 2023-24

  • Establish Guided Pathways council, vision, and mission.
  • Develop professional development and project plans for 24-25 Phase 2 launch.
  • Develop and implement communications plan for 24-25 Phase 2 launch.
  • Launch dedicated Guided Pathways webpage


Note: This page is for the Guided Pathways Council as a sub-council to the College Council.  Guided Pathways as an institutional framework has it’s own dedicated webpage for the work being done college-wide on the initiative.

What has WWCC done so far in establishing Guided Pathways?

  • Metamajors / Areas of Study
  • Website rebuild
  • Career Coach mapping
  • Math and English Guided Placement and Co-Requisites
  • Catalog and Curriculum Software Implementation
  • 6 Advisor/Navigators Hired with Guided Pathways funding
  • Hired Director of Guided Pathways
  • Mandatory Advising
  • First Year Experience
  • Last Day to Register
  • CRM Implementation for Student Communications and Onboarding

What’s on the road map for the futuer?

  • Streamline and enhance onboarding for better student preparation and referral to resources
  • Design sample program maps with integrated proactive course scheduling
  • Implement Early Alerts system
  • Implement Advising system for quarter to quarter and long term educational planning
  • Streamline placement process