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Walla Walla Community College

Student Activities Team

The Student Activities Team is committed to maximizing the student experience through the planning and implementation of an array of programs that educate and entertain audiences. We achieve this by planning and executing programs that create a comprehensive program for a diverse audience. The team is in charge of all things involving activities on campus for students, making sure that all of the little details for every event go smoothly.

You can find them at every event: setting up, participating and taking down. Thanks to the Student Activities team, this school has many educational, recreational, social, and cultural events running year round. Some examples include but are not limited to; Trivia Night, Glow in the Dark Roller Rink, The Warrior Expo, Bowling Nights, and all new activities that you plan! Members attend weekly meetings. Have new ideas come by Office 255 in the Student Activity Center!


Please contact Vince Ruzicka – Assistant Director of Student Activities and Engagement Office 258, phone number 509.520.8349.

Mark Penebaker

Study: I am getting my AA so I can pursue further education.

Why WWCC: I came to WWCC to stay close to home and work.

Campus Involvement: I chose to get involved on campus because I enjoyed the atmosphere and the community involved.

SAT Goals: I hope SAT can have an event that impacted or had a chance to impact every student.

One Word: Helpful – because I tend to put others’ needs and wants before mine.

Fun Fact: I have shot 3 under par before.

Favorite Food: Sushi.

Binge Watch Show: Friends or Big Bang Theory.

Favorite Holiday: Easter because to me that is when spring starts.

Guilty Pleasure Song: No One by Alicia Keys.

Future Goals: To have a good job with a happy and healthy family.

Image of Mark Penebaker
Image of Madison Sanchez

Madison Sanchez

Study: I am studying law because I want to become a Lawyer.

Why WWCC: The high student involvement and softball team.

Campus Involvement: I enjoy planning and putting together events and wanted to be involved in student life. This way I can do both.

SAT Goals: A higher student involvement than the year before.

One Word: Energetic – I involved in lots of things.

Fun Fact: I play softball at WWCC.

Favorite Food: My mom’s cooking.

Binge Watch Show: Stranger Things.

Favorite Holiday: Christmas because that’s when I get to see the most amount of my family.

Guilty Pleasure Song: Gold Digger by Kanye West.

Future Goals: I hope to become a business lawyer somewhere in the PNW

Viviana Ochoa

Study: I am getting my AA Transfer Degree so after WWCC, I can transfer to a university and get my master’s degree in teaching and one day become a middle school English teacher.

Why WWCC: I decided to come to WWCC mainly because of the great soccer program. But also, because I love the tight-knit community and it was the perfect “baby step” to move away from my hometown, Meridian, ID.

Campus Involvement: I love being involved in anything and everything. I remember the first event I saw when I visited for the first time, and I instantly knew I wanted to make a positive impact on my school community, and joining student activities was the perfect way to do it.

SAT Goals: Something I hope we will achieve this year is to get more involvement and bigger turnouts for each event. Events are so much more fun when a lot of people are there!

One Word: Personable – I love talking and engaging in activities with other people.

Fun Fact: My mom named me after a Spanish talk-show host.

Favorite Food: Pizza.

Binge Watch Show: Gilmore Girls! Especially during the fall season.

Favorite Holiday: Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I like gifts, but I love the spirit and meaning of Christmas the most.

Guilty Pleasure Song: “Hot Wings (I Wanna Party)”.

Future Goals: Right now, my main goal is to win NWACs this upcoming year with my team and get selected for All-Star. Some other goals I have are to play on in university for soccer and work to get a master’s degree. I’d be the first in my family to get one!!! My ultimate dream is to become a teacher that makes a positive difference in children’s lives.

Image of Viviana Ochoa
Kadey Brown

Kadey Brown

Study: Nursing because I was around hospitals growing up and it has always interested me.

Why WWCC: It was close to home and WWCC has an excellent nursing program.

Campus Involvement: I chose to get involved with student activities because school is much more fun when you are involved and making friends and doing things instead of staying home and doing nothing.

SAT Goals: I hope that SAT can get more people involved in our activities that we don’t usually see at our events.

One Word: Kind – because I am always looking out for other people and making sure that everyone is enjoying themselves.

Fun Fact: I learned to ski at 18 months old.

Favorite Food: Homemade mac and cheese, especially when my mom makes it.

Binge Watch Show: Grey’s Anatomy.

Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving because it’s one of the few times a year my extended family comes down to see us.

Guilty Pleasure Song: Criminal by Britney Spears.

Future Goals: Getting my bachelor’s in nursing and starting and raising a family eventually.

Jaycee Deal

Study: Business AA. Future goal is to own either my own salon or coffee shop.

Why WWCC: Close to home, and I wanted to stay close to my mom.

Campus Involvement: I wanted to be involved on campus because I’m social and enjoy interacting and working with others.

SAT Goals: More involvement, planning more events towards what the student body actually wants.

One Word: Honest – always going to give my opinion no matter what people around me think.

Fun Fact: I have two dogs.

Favorite Food: Any kind of pasta.

Binge Watch Show: I love dramas or sitcoms.

Favorite Holiday: Halloween because I love a good excuse to binge-watch scary movies.

Guilty Pleasure Song: Cracker Jack by Geordie Kieffer.

Future Goals: Owning my own business.