There are several ways to pay for college.


2017-2018 SCHOOL YEAR

Fall 2017
Tuition Due
September 15
Fall Session Begins
September 25
Winter 2018
Tuition Due
December 29
Winter Session Begins
January 8
Spring 2018
Tuition Due
March 23
Spring Session Begins
April 2
Summer 2018
Tuition Due
June 18
Summer Session Begins
June 25

Students should be registered and tuition received by five o’clock on the tuition due dates published above.

  • Student may be dropped from classes for non-payment according to the tuition due dates listed above. Students may also be dropped if they do not show up for classes although it is ultimately the students responsibility to drop classes, if necessary.
  • Those students who register and pay after the registration and tuition due date will be charged a registration fee. Tuition is due at registration time for those who register after the tuition due date.
  • If the student has already been approved for tuition payment by Financial Aid or another source such as scholarships, VA, Worker Retraining, WorkFirst, DVR, L&I, etc., it is the students responsibility to contact our Cashier (509.527.4204, 509.529.5533 Walla Walla Campus; or 509.758.3339 Clarkston Center) before the registration/tuition payment date, to verify that his/her bill has been, or will be, paid or to drop the classes.

Tuition Payment via Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard or Payment Plan.

WWCC cashiers accept cash, check, MasterCard, VISA, and Discover for payment of tuition, fees and books during normal business hours. Tuition and fees payments can also be made at any time online.

Tuition Automatic Payment Plan (You will need you QUARTERLY REGISTRATION NUMBER)

WWCC accepts tuition and fee payments on a “pay-as-you-go” basis, allowing monthly payments during the quarter for a small fee. The payment plan accepts payment by automatic ACH withdrawal from a checking or savings account, in addition to accepting payment via MasterCard or Discover. Please contact the WWCC Business Office at 509.529.5533 for this or the other payment options.

  • Closed classes that have a waitlist will automatically roll in students according to the ranked number from the waitlist up to the fifth day of the quarter. Therefore, students who have been dropped from classes for non-payment have no guarantee that they can be put back in the same classes.
  • If the student has applied for financial aid but no award letter has been issued, the student may want to sign up for the easy payment plan. Call 509.527.4204 for Walla Walla Campus, or 509.758.1772 for Clarkston Campus.


Funds that are based on financial need. They do not need to be repaid. Some Grants such as Pell and Need grants are typically offered through the financial aid office when you apply to receive financial aid. To learn more about grants and eligibility, click here.


Need or non-need based funds that must be repaid with interest and require a loan application. To learn more about loans and the application procedures, click here.


Scholarships, like grants, are funds that do not require payment. For a list f scholarships available through WWCC, click here.

Federal Work Study

Funds earned from part-time work. May be on-or-off campus. Work Study offers flexible work schedules ideal for students who may need time off during midterms and finals. For information on Work Study Program, click here.

State Work Study

Funds earned from part-time work. May be on-or-off campus. Work Study offers flexible work schedules ideal for students who may need time off during midterms and finals. For more information on Work Study Program, click here.

Worker Retraining

Funding to help unemployed and other qualifying individuals acquire the skills and training they need to quickly return to work. Please click here to read more on Worker Re-training.