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Walla Walla Community College


The Faculty Senate of WWCC is the faculty’s opportunity to be more involved in college governance. An active faculty senate means that the faculty have a respected voice in the life of the college.


The Faculty Senate shall provide a faculty forum for discussion of College affairs, provide a mechanism for faculty participation in college governance, and promote faculty involvement in the life of the College.

Goals for 23-24:

  • Study issues, problems, and concerns; identify solutions; reach consensus; and recommend action;
  • Encourage the faculty’s representation on all College councils and committees;
  • Facilitate exchange of concerns among the faculty, administration, students, staff, and community; and
  • Consult with the faculty bargaining agent in all matters of mutual concern, and refer contract issues to the bargaining agent.

Council Chair for 23-24

Jennifer Vaughn, Faculty Senate President



  • President: Jennifer Vaughn
  • Past President:  Chris Mehl
  • Vice President: Vacant
  • Secretary: Vacant
  • AHE Representative:  Jim Peitersen

Academic Transfer

  • Arts and Humanities:  Denise Ortiz
  • Physical, life, sports science:  Pete VanDyke
  • Social Sciences:  Marley Olsen
  • Math & Education:  Chris Mehl
  • * New Clarkston Academic Transfer: Lori Loseth

Access and Opportunity

  • Transitional Studies: Jennifer Vaughn
    • High School Programs
  • Library – Hector Lujan
    • FYE


  • Agriculture Systems: Tyler Cox
  • Enology and Viticulture: Vacant
  • Manufacturing Trades: Kris Margart
  • Culinary Arts: Vacant
  • Transportation Trades: Dave Bailey
  • Entrepreneurism & Marketing:  Mike Rostollan
  • Business Administration: Krista Mahan

Nursing Education

  • WW Nursing: Trina McCoon
  • Clarkston Nursing:  Kaye McGehee

Corrections Education

  • CRCC: Vacant
  • WSP:  Andrew Gallagher


  • At large: Jim Bower

BAS Programs

  • Karlee Pruitt


  • At-large: Charlie Miller
  • Part-time adjunct:  Vacant


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Coming soon!


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