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Walla Walla Community College


 The Student and Community Engagement Division seeks to bring hope and opportunity for members of our community to thrive.  


The Student and Community Engagement Division provides information, opportunity and support to prospective and current students and community members to achieve their personal and professional goals.  

Goals for 2023-24 

 Improve internal and external communication to all constituents  

  • Conduct regular staff meetings and share minutes and/or recordings  
  • Use existing and new technologies  
  • Engage community partners more extensively   

 Improve divisional structure and enhance facility use  

  • Assess and improve current structure  
  • Develop and sustain student centers (i.e., Career Center, Veterans Center) 
  • Develop a facility and furbishing plan  

Provide opportunities for professional development  

  • Promote student and employee wellness with specific programs  
  • Recognize student and employee achievement  
  • Develop a structure for encouraging professional growth  


Council Chair for 2023-24

Chad Miltenberger


Elisa Cabrales
Lisa Chamberlin
Lauren Conrad-Goff
Debra Erikson
Diana Herrmann
Tessa Kimball
Chad Miltenberger (Chair)
Jeff Reinland 
Vince Ruzicka
Graydon Stanley (Executive Sponsor)