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Walla Walla Community College


A college that plans strategically, meets accreditation standards, assesses its effectiveness, and adapts to changes at all organizational levels through evidentiary decision-making, deliberative discussion, and communication.  


The Institutional Effectiveness Council supports the college’s mission by overseeing the evaluation of college programs and strategic plan, supporting accreditation at the institutional and program levels, and setting standards for program effectiveness, college research, and other, related matters. 

Goals for 23-24

  • Develop measurable and meaningful Key Performance Indicators for the college’s Strategic Plan 
  • Support the college’s implementation of the STEPS annual reporting process 
  • Support the learning outcomes design, implementation, and assessment process. 
  • Compose a clear and implementable standard of human-subjects research at the college. 

Council Chair for 23-24

Dr. Nick Velluzzi 


  • Nick Velluzzi (Chair)
  • Gwen Bloomsburg
  • Sara Egbert (College Council Representative)
  • Marley Olson
  • Lori Peterson
  • Jacquelyn Ray
  • Joshua Slepin
  • Wesley Maier
  • John Remington
  • Director of EDI (vacant)
  • Faculty Senate representative (vacant).
  • Jessica Johnson, Admin Support 


  • Accreditation Committee (Sara Egbert, Chair)
  • Essential Outcomes Review Committee (Gwen Bloomsburg, Chair)
  • Annual Reporting Committee (Joshua Slepin, Chair)
  • Research Ethics Committee (Marley Olson, Chair)


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