Please read this page before completing a course proposal form.

Continuing Education is seeking qualified instructors with expertise in the full range of topic areas to be found in our schedules. Specifically, we look for:

  • Expert-level knowledge in topics of interest to the general public
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Teaching experience
  • Topics that involve hands-on or interactive leaning

Before completing the Course Proposal Form, we ask that you review the information below. There is a posted deadline on the course proposal form for each quarter. Deadlines for upcoming quarters are posted below. Please do your best to mark the date on your calendar and turn the form in on time to facilitate enrollment in courses.

You must fill out all required sections of the form for the online system to accept it. Once the form is successfully submitted, you will receive a copy via email. If you do not receive a copy, we did not receive your proposal. If you have a question, please contact us so we can assist you.

Not all course proposals will be accepted for inclusion in the quarterly offerings. The WWCC staff reserves the right to select an appropriate slate of courses each quarter. You will be notified of your course acceptance. New instructors will be contacted and asked to schedule an orientation meeting.

Currently, we are actively seeking instructors for the course topics listed below (along with many others!). Clicking on a category will bring up a list of course topics under that category. If your course topic is not on this list, you are still more than welcome to submit a course proposal. This is not a complete list of interests. We give all proposals thoughtful consideration.

Currently Seeking Instructors For

Course Submission Deadlines

Fall 2020 7.13.20
 Winter 2021 10.12.20
 Spring 2021 01.25.21
 Summer 2021 – Kids College & Youth 03.08.21
 Summer 2021 – Community Ed 05.03.21

Clarkston Campus Instructors Wanted

Continuing Education is interested in expanding our class offerings on the Walla Walla Community College Clarkston campus. Please submit a course proposal form before the quarter deadline if you are interested.