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Walla Walla Community College

If you’re a rising junior high school student, you may be able to start taking college-level courses at Walla Walla Community College this summer through Running Start. Getting a jump on college over the summer has advantages, but if you want to do it, it’s important to start the ball rolling before your high school lets out for summer.

We asked Running Start Coordinator Jacky Alonso-Barrientos what interested students need to know.


Q. What is Running Start?

A. Running Start gives high school juniors and seniors the chance to take college courses while they finish earning their diploma. Students can earn up to two years of college credit tuition-free by the time they graduate from high school, which can be a big savings down the road.

Q. Why begin Running Start in the summer instead of the fall?

A. It can be a good way to test the waters. You can take one or two classes over the summer and ease into college-level coursework without distractions like sports, jobs and classes at the other campus.

If you’re not sure about Running Start, this is a good way to sample the workload and learn to navigate online courses before you make a decision about continuing in the fall.

Q. How many credits can I take over the summer?

A. You can register for up to 10 credits in Summer Quarter.

Q. Who can do Running Start?

A. It’s open to any rising junior or senior in Washington who is enrolled in a public high school district.

Q. What does it cost?

Tuition is free! So you’ll only need to pay for quarterly fees, books and transportation to WWCC. Waivers are available for students who can’t afford fees and books. Your high school counselor can tell you more.

Q. How do I get started?

A. Here are the steps to get enrolled in Running Start:

1. Apply to WWCC online. It’s free, and everyone is accepted.

2. Complete English and Math placement tests. We’ll send you info about these once you receive your acceptance.

3. Review your eligibility with a Running Start navigator:

    • Walla Walla Campus: Jacky Alonso-Barrientos will be available for Summer Quarter drop-ins May 29 to 31, 8 a.m. to noon and 1 to 5 p.m. Or you can book an appointment.
    • Clarkston Campus: You can book an appointment with Brian McElroy.

4. See your high school counselor before school lets out for the summer to get copies of your:

5. Schedule an advising appointment. Your advisor will help you choose classes.

6. Attend a new student orientation and register for classes.

7. Pay your fees and purchase books.

Here are a few important dates to keep in mind:

May 29: New student registration begins

June 18: New student orientation (Walla Walla)

June 24: Summer Quarter fees due

June 25: New student orientation (Clarkston)

June 26: Last day to register for Summer Quarter (new students)

July 1: Summer Quarter begins

Aug. 15: Summer Quarter ends

To learn more about Running Start, including frequently asked questions, visit our web page.

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