• Walla Walla Community College Running Start program is still available to support all Running Start students during our current distant learning environment.  Please contact us directly if you have questions about class requirements, available school resources, class schedule adjustments, and/or anything else that may come up.
  • Prospective students and their parents are invited to learn about Running Start eligibility, cost, enrollment, and courses!  Please see our Running Start flyer below under “Parent Information Night Presentation” or call/email us directly to get more information about the program and if it may be a good fit for your student

If you have questions about Running Start process or eligibility please call Walla Walla Community College at 509-527-4262 for information.

Running Start Program

509.527.4262 (Walla Walla) | 509.758.1721 (Clarkston)

Running Start, a program created by the Washington State legislature, provides an opportunity for juniors and seniors in public high schools to enroll in courses at Walla Walla Community College. This program provides academically qualified students an opportunity to attend college courses and earn college credits, tuition-free, while completing high school graduation requirements. Home-schooled and private school students must enroll in a public high school to participate in this program.

Steps to Enrollment
Fee Waiver
WA HS Graduation Requirements
Parent Information Night Presentation
Enrollment Verification
Placement Testing Procedure
Jacky Alonso-Barrientos

Walla Walla Campus Coordinator
[email protected]

Andrew Wade

Student Services – Running Start Coordinator