College in the High School CTE Dual Credit Running Start
Goal Earn college credit while in high school. Graduate high school with college credits toward a professional/technical degree program. Graduate high school with an AA degree or earn some college credits.
Eligible Grades 9-12 9-12 11-12
Location of courses High School High School or Skills Center WWCC Campus
Cost to students and families Some high schools receive grants that cover the cost of the course(s). If your high school does not cover the cost it is only $65/credit, a significant savings. Low-income students may be eligible for a scholarship. No cost Students are responsible for transportation, fees & books. Tuition is covered by Running Start. Fee waivers are available for low-income students.

Dual Credit Programs at Walla Walla Community College

Get a head start on college and save money by enrolling in a dual credit program. Dual credit programs allow high school students to earn both high school and college credits in the same course, at the same time. Click on the programs below to learn more and use the chart to compare the different dual credit programs.

Running Start

509.527.4262 (Walla Walla) 509.758.1700 (Clarkston)

The Running Start program provides an opportunity for juniors and seniors in public high schools to enroll in courses at WWCC. This program provides eligible students an opportunity to attend college courses and earn college credits while completing high school graduation requirements. Home-schooled and private school students must enroll in a public high school to participate in this program. Running Start students qualify by completing the placement assessment process and placing/testing into college level course work.  Once determined eligible, students must meet with their high school counselor, in addition to a WWCC advisor to identify and enroll in appropriate courses. Running Start students are required to pay quarterly fees and provide their own textbooks. Students may qualify for fee waivers and textbook assistance by providing documentation to their Running Start advisor by the first day of the quarter.

College in the High School

509.524.5143 (Walla Walla) 509.758.3339 (Clarkston)

College in the High School is a program for academically capable high school students to take college courses on the high school campus. Participating qualified high school teachers deliver a quarter-long WWCC course over one semester, trimester, or year, based on the high school’s academic calendar. The high school teachers work closely with WWCC faculty liaisons to insure that the work their students perform in the high school course is equivalent to the comparable course taught on the College campus. This program allows students to accelerate their academic studies without sacrificing their high school experience or impacting school, sport, or club participation. Students are co-enrolled at their high school and WWCC, which provides the opportunity to fulfill college and high school course credit requirements at the same time.

CTE Dual Credit

509.527.4619 (Walla Walla) 509.758.3339 (Clarkston)

CTE Dual Credit program emphasizes a rigorous and focused course of study that includes academic and workplace skills. High school students simultaneously earn course credit at their local high school/skills center and at WWCC. The approved course is taught on the high school campus by a qualified CTE high school instructor whose curriculum is equivalent to the matching college professional technical course. To earn college course credit, high school students must enroll in an approved high school course and successfully complete the course requirements with a “B or above”. After these requirements are met, the student who chooses to have the CTE Dual Credit transcribed at WWCC should complete a “Request Transcribed Credit” online form available on the College website. After the request has been approved by WWCC staff, the credits will be placed on a WWCC transcript.