Fully Online Degree/Certificate Options

The following degrees and certificates are available fully online.  Please discuss this option with the department’s advisor for more information about individual course availability and scheduling each quarter

For additional information: including regional employment data, completion rates, student characteristics, and employment see Career Bridge.

Associate in Arts
- Transfer Degree

Earning a DTA , known as a Transfer Degree, before transferring has advantages. Transfer degrees were developed by community college and baccalaureate institutions to enable you to enter your upper-division course work and complete your bachelor’s degree as efficiently as possible. Courses included as part of the DTA that otherwise might not transfer on a course-by-course basis will transfer, and for many public baccalaureate institutions, the DTA ensures priority during the admissions cycle if you apply prior to the admission deadline.

The DTA degree satisfies all or most of the lower-division general education requirements, depending on your intended major.  Please consult your advisor for more specific details.

Associate in Business
- Transfer Degree

The Business Administration curriculum is designed for students who wish to gain the technology and skills necessary for employment and advancement in the business management environment. Please note that admission for many business schools is competitive. It is strongly recommended that students contact the baccalaureate-granting business school to which they plan to transfer early in their Associate in Business-DTA degree path to be advised about additional requirements (i.e. GPA) and procedures for admission.

Associate of Applied Science Degree in Turf Management

This technical degree prepares eLearning students with the practical knowledge and experience necessary join the turf maintenance industry in a number of entry-level or mid-level positions. Students will have obtained the technical advantage with which they may move quickly to mid-management positions within the industry.

Turf Management Certificate

This certificate is equivalent to the first three quarters of the AAS Degree in Turf Management.

Associate in Applied Sciences in Human & Social Services - Transfer Degree

This is a dual-purpose degree intended to prepare students for employment in Human & Social Services and for transfer to specific baccalaureate degree programs. Please see the degree for articulation details.

Patient Navigator
- Certificate

This curriculum examines the inter-relationships and intricacies of the very complex health and community services system and identifies the role of the Patient Care Navigator in assisting the patient to effectively maneuver within the system. The Patient Navigation series is offered fully online, and the student can enroll in one class at a time or all seven of the classes which leads to a short-term certificate in Patient Navigation.

Irrigation - Short Certificate

This short certificate focuses specifically on building hands-on skills in turf irrigation components and controls, design, installation, and troubleshooting. The winter quarter course can be taken either online or in person at WWCC. The spring quarter course can only be taken online and students must be employed in the industry.

Criminal Justice - Associates in Applied Science (AAS)

This degree is intended to provide students with a solid foundation in policing, corrections, and courts, while simultaneously preparing students for employment in the Criminal Justice field.  While the general education components in this degree will transfer to baccalaureate institutions, additional classes will be required to reach Junior status (see AAS-T) at baccalaureate institutions.

Criminal Justice - Associates in Applied Science – Transfer (AAS-T)

This is a dual-purpose degree intended to furnish students with the knowledge and skills needed for employment in the Criminal Justice field, while also providing them with a criminal justice degree that directly transfer to a 4-year institution.  Additionally, The Associates in Arts Transfer Degree (DTA) is embedded in the curriculum so students will  concurrently earn both the Criminal Justice AAS-T degree and Associates of Arts AA degree.  

Associate of Applied Science Degree in Irrigation Business Management

Irrigation Business Management provides practical learning experience in irrigation system design, operation, scheduling, and troubleshooting, plus business and marketing skills. A Commercial & Residential Irrigation Certificate can be earned after the first year of the two-year degree program. Graduates of the Irrigation Business Management program are prepared to design, install, operate, maintain, manage, and market commercial and residential irrigation systems and businesses. The curriculum is reviewed annually by an advisory board composed of local and regional industry members.

Commercial & Residential Irrigation Certificate

This one year certification prepares students serve as sales, installation and service technicians in the irrigation industry.  Students learn to install, troubleshoot and design irrigation systems including selecting emitters, pumps, and controls and creating scheduling.  This certificate is equivalent to the first three quarters of the AAS Degree in Irrigation Business Management.