2015-2016 Tuition & Fees Schedule
Credit LevelA. WA ResB. US Cit not WA ResC. Int’lD. HS CompletionE. Parent EdF. EMT/FA/Quest
19+ per credit$92.17$96.26$268.26$25.00$16.00$41.00

*Includes State Work Study, State Need Grant, and all other financial aid programs administered by the HECB, and SBCTC administered programs: Opportunity Grants and Worker Retraining Financial Aid.

**State and Institutional financial aid is not available to non-residents.

A. 1. Washington residents (for residency questions, see college eCatalog or Office of Admissions and Records);
2. Non-residents who are taking classes toward H.S. Completion
3. Residents under age 19 taking classes toward high school completion, with permission only; or
4. Non-US citizens without Visa if the Washington Higher Education Residency, Affidavit/Declaration/Certification, (HB1079) is met.
Note: Effective July 1, 2003, individuals who are not permanent residents or U.S. citizens MAY qualify for resident tuition if they have or will have graduated from a Washington State high school, or while living in Washington, have received the equivalent of a high school diploma. A three year residency requirement must be fulfilled. Additional criteria are required. Please contact the Walla Walla Campus Office of Admission and Records, 509.527.4283; toll-free 1.877.992.9922.
B. US Citizens – Not legal resident of Washington State.
C. International – Non-United States Citizen
D. High School Completion – Washington residents enrolled in high school completion classes (19 years or older).
E. Parent Education – Washington residents enrolled in Parent Education classes.
F. Certain “ungraded course” including: Emergency Medical Technician, First Aid, and Quest.

Facility Use Fee:

$4.00 per credit (maximum $40.00) included in above schedule.

Technology Fee:

$3.00 per credit (maximum $30.00) included in above schedule.

Comprehensive Fee:

$4.90 per credit (maximum $49.00) included in above schedule.

Professional/Technical students registered exclusively in required professional/technical courses for their degree will be charged $25.00 per credit in excess of 18; other students registered for more than 18 credits, see schedule above for 19+ credits. Contact Office of Admissions and Records for additional information.

Veterans – Reduced tuition rates available for eligible Washington domiciled veterans or National Guard members, children & spouses of totally disabled or POWs/MIAs or deceased eligible veterans or National Guard. See Office of Admissions and Records for qualifications. Bring “Honorable Discharge” DD214 and Washington Driver’s License to Office of Admissions and Records to determine qualification.

Dependents of deceased or disabled law enforcement officers and fire fighters may be eligible for 100% waiver in tuition. Contact Office of Admissions and Records.

ABE, GED, ESL students pay a $25.00 charger per quarter at the time of registration. (Waivers for needy students available).


  • $35.00 lab fee is charged per quarter for science, professional-technical, computer and other selected classes
  • Books: estimated cost – $298.00 per quarter
  • Fitness fee: $7.50 charged quarterly for specific fitness classes (see course description footnote)
  • Other fees may be charged for specific courses
  • Registration fee: $35.00 – only paid if registration not completed by registration/tuition due date.


  • Call toll-free 1.877.992.9922 if you have additional questions.


  • Classes developed specifically for seniors, including QUEST – $41.00 per credit (plus $4/credit Facility Use fee and $4.90/credit Comprehensive fee), plus any appropriate lab fees for specific classes.
  • Washington State seniors (age 60 and above) may also enroll in regular academic or vocational classes for $2.50 per class when the class has met the full enrollment of 12 students and space is available in that class. Seniors are limited to two classes per quarter (does not include special fee classes). Registration for these classes is after the first class meeting.