During this Covid-19 time the Warrior Food Pantry is close and directing people to the Blue Mountain Action Council Food Bank for food distribution.

Please use their web site to access information if you are in need.

Basic Food Employment & Training (BFE&T)

BFE&T provides access and services to Basic Food recipients in Washington State. Services include education and job skills training, support services such as Working Connection Child Care subsidy, as well as job search assistance.

Enrolling in BFE&T allows you to maintain your Basic Food Assistance while you attend school, even if you are not able to meet the federal 20-hour per week work requirements.

Magdalena Moulton
Educational & Career Navigator
[email protected]

Warrior Resources Food Pantry

The mission of Warrior Resources is to support student success by helping students meet their basic needs. We do this by providing students with emergency and short-term food supplies from our campus food pantry, connecting students to campus and community resources, and educating students on how to best manage available resources.

Use your current student ID card for access.

Located in the Professional/Technical Building J, room 302.