Pillars in PeopleSoft

PeopleSoft organizes business processes into three categories (called pillars).  The three pillars are Campus Solutions (student-related processes), Human Capital Management (HR-related processes), and Finance (budget and accounting-related processes).  Subject matter experts (SMEs) have been identified for the business processes in each pillar.  For WarriorLink purposes, SMEs are defined as functional experts who will respond to requests for input from ctcLink functional team members (Project Leads, Functional Analysts, etc.) and keeps the College Pillar Lead informed. They respond to requests for input from ctcLink technical team members (Testing / Prototype Lead, Data Conversion Lead, etc.). They participate in key ERP project activities on an as-needed basis. These include, but are not limited to common process workshops, design sessions, data conversion, testing, security configuration, and training.


The list of SMEs may change over time as we further our understanding of the needs of the role.

Campus Solutions (CS)

Alecia Angell
BreAnna Wright
Brent Caulk
Brian Walker
Cathy Goodall
Chad Miltenberger
Danielle Coila
Debi Evans
Debra Erikson
Denise Kammers
Diana Herrmann
Erienne Matthewson
Erika Bockmann
Gary Benefiel
Jack Carico
Janet Snell
Jerry Anhorn
Jodi Worden
Joshua Slepin
Katie Frei
Katie Ross
Kevin Combs
Lisa Chamberlin
Lisa Stegall
Maisee Peralez
Mara Palumbo
Melissa Queen
Melissa Rodriguez
Morna Golke Bahnsen
Rosie McEvoy
Sandy Leisinger
Shelly Demianew
Susie Jardin
Susie Pearson
Taura Ibarra
Tessa Kimball

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Gail Bellmore
Jessica Murff
Juli Boyington
Kerri Polson
Natalie Horner
Sarah Aschenbrenner
Sherry Hartford

Finance (FIN)

Alecia Angell
Brandy Bennett
BreAnna Wright
Davina Fogg
Janet Snell
Jessica Murff
Katie Ross
Kerri Polson
Kevin Knapp
Lee Grubb
Lori Peterson
Michelle Wilde
Micki Hansell
Natalie Horner
Peggy Lauerman
Sandy Cobb