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    Business Process Mapping and Data Cleansing Underway

    Selected staff across the campus are busy creating flow charts that demonstrate all the steps of the business processes they do every day.  Each of these “maps” represents areas where our campus interacts with data that will be housed in PeopleSoft and will require learning how to do that process the PeopleSoft way.  

    Business Process Mapping (BPM) also allows staff the opportunity to collaboratively analyze their workflow and create better efficiency, even before PeopleSoft is implemented.  This is the type of activity where our subject matter experts learn first hand that WarriorLink is a change-in-behavior project as much as it is a software-adoption project.

    Initial Data Cleansing

    While some staff are busy mapping, others are taking care of the data we will convert to PeopleSoft.  Our legacy system allows data entry that causes errors.  PeopleSoft will not accept these errors, so the data will not import.  To resolve this, ctcLink project folks are running data extracts of our errors each quarter.  Our data team is then tasked with going back into the system and resolving those errors.  Ideally, there will be fewer and fewer errors as we learn to change our behaviors in how we enter content into the system.

  • Fall 2019

    WarriorLink Survey: How Ready Are We?

    As part of our kickoff of the statewide ctcLink project, WWCC conducted a readiness survey.  This survey will help drive our change management strategy.  Results let the project team know where and how to focus their energies.  This same survey will be conducted again as we near GoLive to consider our progress and where we need to adjust.  Because we are just beginning the process at WWCC, we expect our readiness numbers to be low.  Our work for this year will be directed at those readiness needs.

    Who Responded?

    94 employees responded to the survey

    Of those who responded:

    • 9.5% were Executive Leadership/Administration
    • 27.6% were Faculty
    • 23.4% were Exempt
    • 34% were Classified
    • 5.3% were Hourly staff

    What We Learned

    Nearly 25% of respondents are unfamiliar with the ctcLink project

    87% of respondents are ready to learn more about the project and our local implementation

    2/3rds of respondents are unsure how their job will be impacted by ctcLink and 50% are unsure of the benefits

    Less than 15% of respondents know who is on the WWCC project team

    2/3rds of respondents preferred monthly email updates as well as content being shared through Monday Message and Thursday Thought communications.

    A lack of communication was listed as the number one barrier to staff and faculty being involved

    Additional themes included concerns over time for training, inclusion of other campuses, and the need for consistently delivered updates

    Our Plan to Get WWCC Ready for Implementation

    Word cloud showing communication as a barrier

    Communication – We are working to create a comprehensive communication plan which will include opportunities for staff, faculty, and students to learn out the project and its benefits for all student and employee groups.  Messaging will be via email, in person, and on our WarriorLink website.

    Training – Everyone will receive training on how to use PeopleSoft.  Every employee will use the system to access earnings information, request leave, and report time and labor. Those employess who currently use SMS, FMS, PPMS, Degree Audit, FAM, and other system applications will receive more extensive training earlier in the implementation process on how to perform day-to-day operations and processes.  Training will roll out in stages over the next 18 months in manageable chunks, and is provided in a variety of ways so that employees can manage their job and learn about PeopleSoft as well.

    Support – The WWCC WarriorLink project team will provide plenty of chances for you to have all your questions answered.  We will offer workshops, drop in sessions, one-on-one tutorials, and more.  We will work with supervisors to create a plan to allow individuals time to participate in these activities.

    What You Can Do Now

    • Browse this site often to see the latest news, links to resources, and explore the terminology and frequently asked questions (FAQs).  This site will continue to develop as we work through the next two years.
    • Email Lisa Chamberlin ([email protected]) to ask questions, express concerns, or share information related to the project.
    • Read the WarriorLink monthly email updates, Monday Message/Thursday Thoughts, and look for email announcements about opportunities to learn more.