The Vice President of Student Services supports the college mission, strategic direction and values in all student services areas.


Role of the Vice President of Student Services

The Vice President of Student Services provides leadership and is responsible for the administration of a comprehensive student services program that supports the College’s access and student success missions and the promise of transforming lives through education.

The Vice President is responsible for providing leadership in the planning, coordination, and evaluation of the student services programs aimed at enhancing student recruitment/re-engagement, access, retention, and completion. This position is responsible for upholding student rights and responsibilities within the context of federal and state mandates. The Vice President reports directly to the President and is a member of the president’s executive leadership team.


Essential Functions

The following functions and responsibilities will be accomplished by working with the Student Success Center (advising, counseling, career services, and disability support); the Office of Admissions and Records; the Office of Student Financial Support; the Department of Outreach/Recruitment; Student Life/Activities; Athletics; the Campus Assessment Response and Education (CARE) Team/Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT); and Student Support Services (TRiO).


Leadership & Supervision

  • Provide leadership for the Student Services division and collaborate with the president’s Executive Leadership Team in support of the College vision, mission, values, and strategic plan.
  • Provide leadership and expertise in enrollment management as it pertains to outreach and recruitment, onboarding, retention, and completion.
  • Build organizational capacity in relation to recruitment and outreach, specifically data-driven recruitment strategies, community engagement, K-12 partnerships, and effectively engaging traditionally underserved populations, e.g., Latinx, non-traditional students, and first-generation college students.
  • Provide leadership that leverages organizational capabilities to create effective, results-oriented systems.
  • Provide leadership in support of strategic initiatives, policy development, accreditation compliance, and outcomes assessment.
  • Provide leadership, guidance, and vision in athletics.
  • Provide leadership, guidance, and vision in student life.
  • Oversee the implementation of Guided Pathways – collaboratively and inclusively with Instruction.
  • Delegate and organize the CARE/BIT membership and leadership.
  • Oversee commencement ceremonies through a college-wide participatory committee.
  • Develop and implement effective strategies designed to enhance student retention.
  • Provide leadership and supervision over the enumerated functional areas of the College.
  • Ensure compliance with the Standards for Student Services of the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.
  • Advocate for student-centered decision-making that advances the diversity, equity, and inclusion of students.
  • Help to build a campus culture of inclusion and equity.
  • Promote professional development opportunities for staff.
  • Provide leadership for student wellness, mental health, the prevention of substance abuse, etc.
  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders and external partners to stay current and future-focused with our student services.


Fiscal Responsibilities

  • Oversee Student Services operational budgets and the Service and Activities (S&A) budget.
  • Secure and oversee the administration of grants to enhance Student Services programs and manage grant-funded programs.


Assorted Responsibilities

  • Serve as Student Code of Conduct Officer who is responsible for enforcing Student Code of Conduct and carrying out standards of due process.
  • Work collaboratively and in coordination with the CARE Team/BIT.
  • Serve as the college’s ADA/Section 504 Compliance Officer.
  • Serve as Deputy Title IX Coordinator.
  • Provide situational guidance and management of judicial affairs as stated in WA RCW 9A.44.138 (Sexual Offender Registration), Cleary Act and in compliance with city, county, state, and federal programs.
  • Keep informed of the status of Federal (Title IV), State, and local financial aid programs.


Institutional and Community Service

  • Represent the College on the Washington State Student Services Commission, at other appropriate local and state/regional meetings, and community boards.
  • Participate in the College’s outreach activities and events.
  • Serve on the college-wide Emergency Response Team and assist with campus emergency incidents.
  • Serve on various College committees and perform other duties as assigned by the President.