Desired Attributes

The Vice President of Instruction at Walla Walla Community College will be a dynamic and inclusive leader with a passion for higher education and an astute understanding of the unique mission and challenges facing community college education. The VPI must be a proven educational leader who values teaching, scholarship, technical/vocational training, and life-long learning. As an engaged leader, the VPI should actively seek input, listen and think thoughtfully and sincerely with a goal of understanding and engaging in resolutions that are centered on students and the success of the institution. The VPI will be a visionary and equity-minded thinker who seeks to support, grow, and inspire others to approach their work and service to the college with the goal of enhancing student, campus, and regional success.

WWCC desires a Vice President of Instruction, who embodies the values expressed in these key areas:

  • An innovative leader who looks for opportunities to enhance efficiencies and avenues for student and institutional success across departments and campuses.
  • A student-centered advocate committed to improving student access, equity, success, and completion.
  • A critical thinker who values reasoning and integrity when evaluating higher education trends, thinking creatively and responding proactively.
  • A transparent, strategic, and inclusive decision maker regarding fiscal priorities.
  • A person who appreciates the complexities of assessment and college accreditation.
  • A person who values the use of data in systematic program and college-wide reviews.
  • An effective relationship builder who maintains partnerships with local and regional community programs and stakeholders.
  • Establish trust and foster transparency by being a skilled communicator who maintains an approachable and available demeanor.
  • Champion inclusive faculty development and advocate for instructional and faculty needs.
  • Advocate for innovative and responsive pedagogies in support of a collaborative teaching, learning, and working environment that values access, efficacy and empowered learner voices in all modalities.