Finding the right college fit is a process which can be greatly helped by a campus visit. Let Walla Walla Community College show you why it will be your best choice.

During your visit you will get a customized tour around your academic and/or social interests. You’ll see Titus Creek Café where students eat lunch, the student activities center where students hang out, the dome where you cheer on the warriors and much more!


Our Outreach Team is located in the Main Building, D, at 500 Tausick Way in Walla Walla, Washington.

Melissa Rodriguez profile photo

Melissa Rodriguez – Director of Outreach

[email protected]

509.527.4650 office

509.730.0897 cell

Office number 52

Melissa Holecek profile photo

Melissa Holecek – Workforce Community Relations Coordinator

[email protected]

509.524.5208 office

Office number 2015

Emma Carpenter

Emma Carpenter – Advisor/Recruitment & Retention Specialist, Student Services – Clarkston Campus

[email protected]

(509) 758-1713  office

Office number CLK 11

Corinna Whitehurst profile photo

Corinna Whitehurst – Secretary Senior, Welcome Center

[email protected]

509527.4293 office

Office: Welcome Center