Domenica Gachet TRIO supported me with an advisor that guided me. My advisor also helped me in my first language (Spanish). I got assistance to fill out important forms like FAFSA, or scholarships. I am grateful for all the help that I got from TRIO. I was lost when I decided to study, but they offered me resources that helped me to succeed. They also helped me to make new friends. I didn’t have problems with the language. My advisor was always asking me if I needed help, or if I was feeling good. They are my family! I would never forget this amazing experience. Thank you, TRIO.


-Domenica Gachet, Associate of Science II, Class of 2020, transferring to pursue Civil Engineering at WSU 

Kacey Halbert profileThe TRIO program at WWCC impacted my life extensively in the best ways! I was able to use a tremendous amount of resources and most of all, have time with advisors. I would have been lost without the help of the TRIO group at WWCC. I was always able to feel comfortable communicating with others and developed new skills while attending the activities and TRIO classes. I could not be more grateful for what the program gave me during my time at WWCC and the skills that I took from my time – they have helped me tremendously!


-Kacey Halbert, Associate of Biology, Class of 2019, current student at WSU, majoring in Wildlife Ecology Conservation Sciences with a minor in Forestry and a minor in Biology 

edgar diaz pixI participated in the Student Support Services (TRIO) and I cannot be more glad that I did. My TRIO advisor, sat down with me many, many times throughout my first year simply to try and narrow down different subject areas I enjoyed and to look at potential career paths. We took personality tests and strength tests that could help me discover different paths.  Because of this, I was able to make the decision of pursuing a business degree. My advisor walked me through how to complete the FAFSA application, which I now feel comfortable doing on my own, as well as taught me how to search for scholarships that I could qualify for. Thanks to TRIO and my advisor, I have now graduated with an Associate in Business degree. Had it not been for TRIO, I truly believe that navigating through college on my own would have caused me to drop out.


-Edgar Diaz-Lara, Associate in Business, Class of 2020, transferring into the WWCC Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Management and Entrepreneurship