Please contact the Transitional Studies office, 509.527.4304, to obtain a login account for WABERS. If you already have login information for WABERS but have forgotten your password you can obtain it by using the link on the WABERS website.


Washington web-based adult educational reporting system (WABERS), click here to proceed to the WABERS web site.

Historical Overview

In 1993 the Government Performance and Review Act set into place accountability measures for adult education and literacy programs receiving federal funding. The Division of Adult Education and Literacy was asked to develop a data system to collect national outcome data on adult education and literacy students. In August 1998, the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (within the Workforce Investment Act) became law and required that data collection and reporting become mandatory to all programs receiving federal funds to support educational programs. In the intervening years various systems have been developed. Currently, WABERS is the web-based reporting system that has been established for data collection and reporting in Washington State.

Quick Overview
  • Every Adult Literacy participant at WWCC must be reported in WABERS.
  • Every student must have a personal identification (SID) in WABERS.
  • Reports generated by WABERS are based on the SID and do not include students’ social security numbers.
  • Demographic information is required – ethnicity, DOB, gender – and if this information is missing, the student is not federally reportable.
  • A basic literacy goal needs to be identified for each student and if this is missing, the student is not federally reportable.
  • CASAS pre-test score is required to determine entry-level placement.
  • Student attendance hours must be entered at least monthly.
  • Level completions are recorded electronically when students test into a higher competency level on the CASAS post-test and this post-test is entered in WABERS. (The pre- and post-test must be in the same subject for a completion to be recorded).