Picking the right school is as important as selecting your major pathway.  Finding a place you are comfortable, safe, and meets your needs can have impact on your success.  Here’s some things to consider and research:

  • Location: Where do you want to be?  Stay close to home?  Are you place bound and need an online program is local schools don’t offer what you want?  Do you want to be in a large city or small town?  (Link to schools, online)
  • Major: make sure the schools you are looking at have the major you are wanting and the specializations you are pursuing.  Course work for majors and opportunities are not the same across schools.  Check it out to get the right match.
  • Costs: Don’t let the price tag scare you away from your dream school. Doing the research now will help you plan ahead and prepare for the cost. Click here for the Estimated Costs of Attendance for Regional Schools.

Research Tools

  • Visit the campus if you can! Get your feet on the campus and talk to people to be sure the school is a good match for you.
  • Talk to College Representatives, visit Transfer Fairs. Click here for a list of Questions to ask.

Online Tools for Research Schools

  • Big Future – Use multiple categories to narrow your options and find the right school for you.
  • Selected Links for Regional Baccalaureate Schools. Find direct links to Admissions, Programs, Financial Aid, Scholarships, Cost of Attendance, and Transfer Course Tables. Click here

Or check out the online programs at these schools.