The cost of attendance varies from college to college. It is important to research the estimated cost of attending any school so you can plan accordingly and find the resources to help you.

Click here for Estimated Costs for Select Baccalaureate Schools.

Ways to Pay

  • Financial Aid

    The Office of Financial Aid at any school should be your first stop in funding your education. Please contact your future institution’s financial aid office to ensure you have completed all the necessary forms for Financial Aid review and awarding. Meeting deadlines is important for timely awarding.
    Baccalaureate Deadlines

  • DREAMers
  • Scholarships
    Check out how to apply for scholarships at your school of choice! Schools have scholarships just for transfer students and specific majors. Also, check out these links: Four Year College ScholarshipsScholarship Search Engines
  • WUE (Western Undergraduate Exchange) and Educational Opportunity Grant
    WUE is Western Undergraduate Exchange. Through WUE, students may enroll at a reduced tuition level at an out-of-state baccalaureate institution for specific majors. Click here for more information.
    The Educational Opportunity Grant (EOG) program provides $5,000 grants to financially needy, place bound Washington residents as an incentive to complete their first bachelor’s degree at an eligible college. Click here for more information
  • Jobs
    Employment is a way to help cover the costs of college. If you find the right position on or off campus, it can be a great reference for your future resume. Be sure to inform the Financial Aid office of your interest in Work Study