Welcome to the Math Lab Home Page


The purpose of the Math Lab at WWCC, is to provide a comfortable, quality, learning environment. Tutoring services are offered free of charge to all currently enrolled WWCC students. We help with mathematics while encouraging student independence and responsibility.


  • Assistance with math questions
  • Assistance with mathematical software (Mathematica, MS Excel, MyMathLab) and calculators
  • A great place to study
  • Help with learning better study habits
  • Experienced and knowledgeable math tutors available throughout the day to help with all math courses offered at WWCC
  • Windows computers with math and science software
  • Calculators and textbooks

The Math Lab is a peer-led service that is primarily staffed by WWCC students. You do not need an appointment. We work on a drop-in basis only.

Best Practices

Many students find the most successful ways to use the Lab is on a daily basis as an addition to their classroom experience. They find that completing their homework in the lab serves the dual purpose of getting the work done and having their questions answered by a knowledgeable tutor.

We have a few things we expect of those who use the Tutoring and Learning Center.

  • Be respectful of others studying
  • Cell phone ringers must remain off
  • Talking on a cell phone is prohibited
  • Eating or drinking at the computers is not allowed
  • Excessive noise is not allowed
  • Noise from headphones is not allowed (headphones are allowed, but must not be audible to others)
  • Behave in a way that helps maintain the academic environment