Walla Walla Community College determines Math, English, and Reading placement by evaluating a variety of sources. To start the placement process, email the Testing Center at [email protected] and include your full name and birthdate.

Part of the process allows you to upload documents that may be used as alternate placement Please upload those documents by following these directions: A list of documents students may upload can be found in this document: Multiple Measures. If you have any questions about this document, please contact the Testing Center at 509.527.4267 or email [email protected].

Once you have emailed the Testing Center for placement, you will receive a response with times you can sign up for the placement test and a link to the Math Guided Self-Placement Survey. Evaluations may take up to 3 business days. It is important to follow your instructions which have been tailored to your submissions.
Once a student’s placement has been awarded, it is valid for ONE year.

*PLEASE NOTE* This process is primarily for New Degree Seeking Students only.

  • If you are a currently enrolled student at WWCC, talk to your Advisor or Testing Center Staff to ensure the correct form is filled out.
  • If you are planning to only take one course at WWCC and not complete a degree with us, please talk to a Testing Center Staff.

If you need assistance logging in, please contact the help desk at  [email protected] or call 509.527.4357 during regular business hours. 

Below explains how to obtain ACT, SAT, and SBAC scores for use in the Placement Application. Please remember to submit a copy of these scores before clicking the final submit button. A picture or screen shot of the score report is sufficient.

ACT Scores

  • Go to the following link and create an account with ACT if you have not already: ACT Web Account.
  • For other questions regarding your ACT account, please call ACT directly at 319.337.1270.
  • Your high school counselor may also be able to help you retrieve a copy of the scores.

SAT Scores

  • Go to the following link and create an account with SAT if you have not already: SAT Web Account.
  • For other questions regarding your SAT account, please call SAT directly at 866.756.7346.
  • Your high school counselor may also be able to help you retrieve a copy of the scores.

SBAC (Smarter Balance) Scores

  • Please consult your high school counselor for a score report.

Documents must be scanned using a scanner or scanning app on your phone.  Documents must be clear and legible.  Assistance with uploading documents is available at the following locations:

Walla Walla Campus – Office of Admissions and Registration 509.524.5168

Clarkston Campus – Business office 509-758-3339

If you would like to submit scores for a standardized test, (SAT/ACT/Smarter Balance) a high school transcript, college transcript, or other Washington State college placement scores but you do not have a paper copy of your score report, you may save and upload a screen shot/picture of the score report.

If you are required to take an exam to complete your placement, we encourage you to prepare before testing.  Click here for practice materials.

Students wishing to retake the placement exam should note the following:

  • Retakes must be approved by a testing center staff member.
  • The retest fee is $10. This fee must be paid prior to retesting at the Cashier’s office.

To request a retake, please complete the following form. You will be notified via your WWCC email the outcome of your request.

If you are unable to sit for a placement exam at one of the two campuses (Walla Walla or Clarkston), remote testing may be available in your area.  Please contact the testing center for details at 509.527.4267 or [email protected]

Walla Walla Community College is an ACCUPLACER testing site. If you are testing for a college that requires the ACCUPLACER test, please contact your college to set up a remote session and select WWCC as the testing location. Once the remote test has been set up, please call 509.527.4267 or email [email protected] to make an appointment.

Please note the following:

  • You must bring a government issued photo ID. You will not be allowed to test without it.
  • All students who take the placement exam for another college will need to pay an $25 testing fee prior to testing at the cashier’s office.

If you are unsatisfied with the placement that has been awarded to you, please make an appointment with Erika Bockmann, Program Coordinator of Testing, to discuss your concerns.

Contact information:
[email protected]

Once you have complete the Student Intake Portal and your file has been reviewed, you will receive a link at your WWCC student email ( with a link to the Guided Self-Placement Survey (GSP) for math. You will no longer need to take a math placement test, instead you will complete the GSP and use the placement you receive to register for your first math class at WWCC.

If you need to complete the math placement survey a second time, you can request a new link to the Math Guided Self-Placement Survey by emailing [email protected]. Please include your full name and student ID number in the request.