Quick Voice Mail Reference
This is the first menu you encounter after dialing 1877.
Only the first three menu options are mentioned by the recording but all 6 are available.
Activity Menu
1.Record and Send Messages (record, edit, address, deliver)
2.Get and Respond to Messages (retrieve, sort/save, respond)
3.Create Personal Greetings (record, edit, activate)
4.Check Outgoing Messages (retrieve, sort/save, review/modify, resend)
5.Change Password/Create Lists/Personal Directories (create, review/modify, scan)
Tip: use this option to record your name announcement
6.Scan Messages Quickly (and/or headers)
Basic Commands
These commands are available while you are using the voice mail system:
*4 or *HHelp
*7 or *RRestart at Activity Menu
*9 or *WWait
*8 or *TTransfer to an extension
**6 or **NLook up name/extension
**9 or **NExit system
*0Transfer call to operator
*3 or *DDelete
**8 or **UUndelete (may not be available with your system)
**4 or **HHold message in category
**7 or **RRelog in
1Skip call answer greeting