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Program Entry into Personal Speed Dial List
you want to record the governor’s phone number in your speed dial list so you can call him quickly when you need to tell him how much more money we need here at Walla Walla Community College. The governor’s $ is 360.705.1111. Your scan access code is 123456 and of course you must dial an 8 to get a scan line:
1.Pick up the phone or press speaker button to get a dial tone.
2.Press *01
*0 is the code to program speed dial lists. 1 is the code for your personal dial list
3.Press 01
01 tells the system you wish this to be the first entry in your personal speed dial list
4.Press 812345607051111
8 to access scan, 123456 the scan access code, 3607051111 the governor’s *
5.Press #
This tells the system you are done with this entry.
Using Speed Dial
Now you want to call the governor.
1.Pick up the phone or press speaker button to get a dial tone
2.Press 70
This is the code to access your personal speed dial list
3.Press 01
This is the first entry in your speed dial list
Be sure to record your speed dial numbers in the speed dial reference card under your phone.
Forward Calls
Your boss is going to be out of their office for the afternoon. You want to be able to have all incoming calls come to your desk. You know you can go in and press SEND CALLS (*3) to immediately send all calls to their coverage path – which is voice mail or your desk IF the caller presses 0 out of voice mail. But you really just want them all to come to your desk. If they really want voice mail you can always send the caller directly to their voice mail. Your boss’s phone extension is 1234 and yours is 5678.
1.Pick up the phone or press speaker to get a dial tone.
2.Press *2
This is the code to access all call forwarding
3.Press 1234
This is your boss’s extension
Note: If you want to forward your extension to another extension you would enter your extension here, and skip step 5.
4.Press 5678
This is your extension, you will receive a confirmation tone of – beep, beep, beep.
5.To unforward this, you must press: #2
Quick Redial
1.Pick up the phone and get a dial tone.
2.Press *9
The last number is redialed.
Create Personal Voice Mail List
At first blush this may seem like it is more trouble than it is worth. But with this you can send a voice mail message to anyone on the same campus (Currently you can not create mailing lists that include staff on another campus). A voice mail message is better than an email in that it is delivered immediately, you can talk faster than you can type, and often a personal voice mail gets the message across better than the written word.
1.Get a dial tone.
2.Access voice mail system: 1877 (enter your password to identify yourself)
3.Press: 5 to  administer private directory/mail list
1 To administer mail lists
1 Create a list
1# List ID (or 2 or 3 or whatever you wish)
1 Make it private
1234# First Extension
5678# Second Extension
# All Done
Send Voice Mail Message to Private Voice Mail List
For example, you want to send a voice mail about an urgent meeting to 10 of your most important staff. You want this to go out immediately and feel that your personal message will do much to get the exact message across.
1.You pick up the phone and get a dial tone.
2.You access voice mail by entering 1877 or 1513 from Clarkston
3.Press: 1 This enters record mode of voice mail
1 End recording
# To approve
*L To access your private mailing list
# To indicate it is your list and not
1# List ID
# You’re done adding lists/extensions to receive
# To send
Transfer Directly to Voice Mail
You just received a call and want to transfer the caller directly into the voice mail of a coworker.
1.Press TRANSFER button (hook flash on old style phones)
2.Dial 1850 (the special # for voice mail transfers)
3.Dial the extension whose voice mail you want the caller to reach
4.Press Transfer again
You can also use this technique to leave a voice mail message directly in someone’s mail box. You might want to do this if you know they are out of the office and you simply want to directly access their voice mail.
Did You Know?
1.You can bypass a person’s voice mail greeting by pressing 1 as soon as they start talking.
2.You can record several voice mail greetings and then program the system to play different ones for the following conditions:
a. The call is from off campus (longer greeting may be appropriate)
b. The call is from on campus
c. The caller gets a busy signal from your phone
d. You do not answer the call (no busy signal)
e. The call is received after 5:00 PM (after hours greeting)
f. The call is received from 8AM to 5PM
3.There is a training video tape available that shows you how to use the voice mail system.