Telephone Codes

Walla Walla Voicemail Access #1877Access WW campus voicemail
Walla Walla Off Campus Voicemail509.527.1877Access WW off campus voicemail
Clarkston Voicemail Access #1517Access Clarkston campus voicemail
Clarkston Off Campus Voicemail509.758.1517Access Clarkston off campus voicemail
Transfer a call to a person’s Voicemail1850Sends the caller directly to extensions voice mailbox. Press Transfer, then dial 1850. Once you hear the message, enter the person’s extension. Then press Transfer again. Note: Do NOT just press Transfer then 1850 unless the caller knows the extension they would need to enter and understands the need to do so.

*TIP* – to change the name that is spoken for your extension, press 5 and then 5 again when you get into your voice mail box using the voice mail access # above.

  • Most functions are turned on with an asterisk (*) and a numeric code and are turned off with a pound sign (#) and the same code that turns it on.
  • *4 is the “send calls” code. If you hear a half ring and your calls go to voice mail, you have pressed *4.
  • #4 will undo the “send calls”, so your phone rings normally again at your desk (3-4 rings) and then goes to voice mail.
  • Old style phones without a message waiting lamp use a flutter dial tone to identify voice mail.

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