You’ll want to follow these instructions on your Mac laptop and/or at-home Mac– not on the on-campus desktop computer! Before you begin, download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop free via the App Store to your Mac

Computer icon
  1. Launch the Microsoft Remote Desktop application from your Applications folder. The appropriate icon can be seen to the left.
Remote desktop configuration instructions
  1. Once the application opens up, you’ll need to add your specific machine to the “My Desktops” list. To do so, click on New. A new dialog will appear.
  2. Enter WWCC for the Connection name
  3. Enter for the PC name
  4. Enter wwcc\814******, your EID # for the username
  5. Enter your Net ID password
Remote desktop certificate message
  1. When you double click on your newly created RDP connection (“Office PC”), the following “Verify Certificate” prompt may appear. If it does, simply choose “Continue.” Your Windows screen should then appear to you.

The following instructions are for the first time using Remote Desktop. Once you have completed these steps, you can just select Remote Desktop, click connect and log in.

You can download the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) client for Mac OS X from Microsoft.

Mac Remote Desktop Step 1
  1. Launch Remote Desktop Connection.
  2. Enter for the IP.
  3. Click Connect.
Remote desktop connection for Mac PC's
  1. Enter your 814*****EID #, for the username.
  2. Enter your NetID password.
  3. Enter wwcc for domain.
  4. Check the Add user information to your keychain box.
  5. Click OK.
Mac Remote Desktop Step 3
  1. Click Connect.
Remote Desktop Step 4
  1. Enter your EID #814*****.
  2. Enter your NetID.
  3. Press Enter, or click the arrow to the right of your password.