MYWWCC User Documentation


The MYWWCC student portal application offers quick access to important information and other resources you will need as a student at Walla Walla Community College.

There are three main area of the application. The first is the ToDo list. The ToDo list will only contain items assigned specifically to you from WWCC staff. The second is the email inbox view which shows a summary of the most recently recieved emails from your college email inbox. the last is the home view which shows recent enrollment information and important advising information among other things.

MYWWCC is responsive web applicaton and will work on mobile, tablet, and PC workstations. Some visual elements may not be present on all formats.


The application toolbar will appear at the top of every view. The hamburger menu button on the left contains important links to external resources as well as views within MYWWCC. The email icon will have a badge showing how many recent unread emails you have. The bell icon will have a badge showing how many ToDo items you have that you have not marked as complete. You can click the MYWWCC name to return to the home view at any time.


ToDo Feature

The ToDo view is the first thing you will see if you have any items which are not marked complete. Otherwise you will land on the home view. Each ToDo item will have one or more of the following. Some elements are optional.

  • Title
  • Due Date (optional)
  • Message Body
  • Resource Link Button (optional)
  • Completion Toggle Button

You can use the completion toggle button to mark an item as complete or not at any time. The Resource link button will only be present if there is additional information outside of MYWWCC. The link will open in a new window.

to do

Email Inbox Summary

The email inbox summary view shows the top 75 most emails from your WWCC student email inbox. You will see who sent the email, their email address, the email subject line, and sent date. You can use the magnifiing glass button to view the top few lines from the email. To view the full email details or to reply use the Email Login button at the top. You use the same account to access MYWWCC and your student email. You can also use the check boxes at the top to filter read/unread emails.


Home View

The MYWWCC home view collects information related to your current enrollment, advising sessions, and future plans.

Enrollment Section

You will see the class you have enrolled in for the most recent quarter. You can change which quarter you are viweing using the [select a term] dropdown. You can get a printable class schedule or manage any waitlisted classes using the buttons at the top.


Contact Information

This sections shows the current contact information we have on file for you. If any of this information is incorrect you can update it using the button provided.

home-view-contact info

Assigned Advisor

If you have an assigned advisor, their name and office contact information will be listed here.

If you have created any quarterly plans with your advisor you can access them using the button in this section.

home-view-assigned advisor

Registration Codes

Once you have been advised your advisor will release the registration code you need to register for a particular quarter. It should list the date and time after which you can register for that quarter. The buttons will take you to the actual registration web site where you will need the code to continue.