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Polycom Systems

NOTE: Each Polycom system is assigned a unique IP address that enables the units to make and receive calls. This unique IP address can be found at the bottom of the “Home” screen.

Placing a Call

Prior to placing a call, please note that the video switch box, located in the podium, needs to be set to “ITV.”

To place a call, be sure the “Home” screen is displayed. Once in the “Home” screen, you can start typing the desired IP address. Don’t forget to enter the “dots” where appropriate in the IP address.

Receiving a Call

Our Polycom systems are set to “Auto Answer” and do not need any action from your part if you are receiving a call. Please be sure that the video switch box is set to “ITV.”

Send PC Content

When a connection has been established and the presenter wishes to send their PC content to the remote site, simply select the “Content” button on the remote control. The content displayed on the PC will then be displayed to the local attendees, as well as the remote attendees.

Polycom remote labels Share PC content, Place Call, Home, Dial Pad
Polycom itv system plus zoom video conferencing icon

Use of Polycom Systems with Zoom Video Conferencing

Our Polycom systems can be used with Zoom. For tips on using the Zoom software, please click hereNote: The video switch box needs to be set to ITV prior to joining a Zoom meeting.

  • First, dial the IP address given to you in the Zoom invitation. Please enter the “dots” of the IP where appropriate.
  • Next, press the “#” key on the Polycom remote, a keypad should appear on your screen, enter the room invitation number  provided to you in the Zoom invitation and enter “#” again
  • After joining the Zoom meeting, the user can now control the Polycom cameras; change which camera to use or the zoom in/out feature of the Polycom camera