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Operating Mobile Unit

  • Ensure that power cord on upper side of cart is plugged into electrical outlet
  • Ensure that network cable is plugged into working network jack


  • Power strip or surge protector attached to corner support of cart
    • Immediately check Polycom (codec) on top of monitor to see if orange light momentarily comes on, camera swings to side and then centers
    • If not, check power cable to wall, and power switch on back of Polycom codec
  • Monitor (both, if there is a dual monitor setup)
    • Note: On some monitors (e.g. silver Sony), it immediately starts to set up the channels.  By the time the power fully comes on, it may be on channel 65.  To prevent having to scroll through many channels, immediately after pushing the power button, press and release the Stop/Eject button several times
  • Using the channel buttons, scroll down (\/) to L1 (Below Channel 1 and L2)

To Make a Connection:

  • Using Polycom© remote, press green button at top until dialing screen appears.
Manual Number Entry:
  • Enter # (verify that you have entered the correct number, without spaces)
  • Add a dot: Press the right arrow
  • Erase incorrect numbers: use the left arrow
  • If applicable, ensure that dialing speed is correct (usually 384k)
Address Book Entries:
  • Using red arrow keys, highlight Address Book icon
  • Press oval Enter key in center of arrow keys to enter Address Book
  • Note: Standard naming convention: [campus]_[building]_[room type]_[room number]
    • E.g., Clk_Main_Class_201 = Clarkston campus, Main building, Classroom, Room number 201
  • Scroll to desired entry
  • To select, press oval key in center of arrow keys
Speed Dial Entries:
  • Using red arrow keys, highlight Speed Dial icon (on Video Call screen)
  • Press oval key in center of arrow keys to select
  • Choose correct location by entering its number on the remote keypad, or scroll to entry and press Enter key in center of arrow keys


  • Picture or sound garbled?
    • Disconnect and reconnect.
    • Reboot
    • May be bandwidth problems. Ensure speed is at 384k. If so, contact Help Desk.
  • You can’t hear them?
    • They may be muted
    • Polycom volume too low? (Adjust with remote)
    • Monitor volume too low? (Adjust on TV)
  • They can’t hear you?
    • You may be muted – press red button on mic or remote
    • Their volume setting may be too low
  • Blue screen?
    • Set monitor to L1
    • Press Near button on remote.  Camera inputs will appear momentarily. Ensure that camera #1 is selected
  • Network cable plugged into wall and unit?
  • Monitor (TV) plugged in / turned on?
  • Power cord plugged in / Power strip on?
  • Another screen appeared?
    • Press “Near” button (top of the remote) to return to the conference

Basic Operation:

  • Sound
    • Buttons in center of microphones mute and unmute. When red, other site(s) cannot hear us.
    • Dark orange mute button on remote can also be used.
    • When muted, icon of an old-fashioned microphone will appear (lower left corner of screen), along with the word “Near”.
    • If icon appears with the word “Far”, other site is muted.
    • If both “Near” and “Far” appear, both sites are muted.
  • To adjust camera
    • Use red arrow keys
    • Zoom + and – keys zoom in or out
    • Note: Press “Near” key (top of remote) to adjust camera when not in a call. Press Menu key (bottom of remote) to return to main screen
  • For remote camera
    • Press the “Far” button.  A camera icon will swing around to point to far site in upper right corner of screen
    • Important: Press “Near” when finished
    • Note: Will not function when remote site has disallowed the operation or when more than two sites are connected
  • Menu key(lower left portion of remote)
    • Return to previous window,
    • Return to main screen when in camera view
  • To disconnect:
    • Press Call / Hang-Up button twice
  • After disconnecting:
    • Turn off the surge protector to power off all equipment

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