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Student Survey Application

Student Survey Application

OVERVIEW: This application allows the college to ask questions of students and record their answers in a database for later use. The initial purpose of the application was to show the student the SMS programs enrolled and ask if it was correct and if not to allow them to pick a new one. The second use was to ask the student’s permission to confer a degree if they earned it without them having to apply for the degree. Other questions were added later. There are other survey questions in the application. Adding additional questions requires custom programming.

This application is designed to sit in front of the standard SBCTC web registration process but it can be bypassed by options the administrator controls. The application’s administrative interface allows a non-technical person to customize some of the aspects of each question (the displayed text), activate or inactive each question individually or deactivate the entire application. In use, the registration web address is the survey application’s web address and a “handoff” web address. The handoff address is used if the survey application is inactive so it works seamlessly with the existing SBCTC registration processes.

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