The screenshots were taken on Android Oreo. These steps may differ on other versions of Android.

Step 1

Open up system Settings.

Android WiFi setup step 1

Step 2

Find Connections settings for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Data Usage.

Android WiFi setup step 2

Step 3

On Connections, select Wi-Fi.

Android WiFi setup step 3

Step 4

Within Available Networks, find and choose WWCC-Staff.

WiFi Faculty setup step 4

Step 5

Locate CA Certificate and set it to Don’t validate.

WiFi faculty setup step 5

Step 6

Check the following fields, then choose Connect:

  • EAP method: PEAP
  • Phase 2 authentication: None
  • CA Certificate: Don’t Validate
  • Identity: NetID
  • Anonymous identity: Blank
  • Password
Android WiFi setup step 6

Congratulations! Your device is now configured to use the WWCC wireless network.